Western Nepal Disability Trust

It is several months since we last gave an update from WNDT and once more we start by thanking our supporters, for your contributions in a variety of ways – praying, volunteering, financial donations, and moral support and interest. We particularly thank a small number who make regular contributions, which give a steady amount of income over time. However, as with many other charities, we have not been able to carry out our usual fundraising activities, and the needs have also grown.

You may remember from our March 2021 update that our partner organisation Light of Pokkhara had been able to start the sewing training. However, after a relatively short time, this again had to go on hold due to a rise in number of cases of covid – and it has not yet been able to restart. Current figures (August 2021) for Nepal show a trend of increasing cases over the last 9 weeks. Reported figures are 100 covid-related deaths each day, and many will be unreported. There is a high infection rate, hospitals are overwhelmed and medical supplies, including oxygen, are running out. Few people have had the vaccine, and fewer still have had two doses.

Also, due to covid, people are not able to access their usual health support or services – for example, treatment for people with leprosy or spinal injuries, or vaccinations for babies and children. So, there will be long term problems resulting from the pandemic. This summer has also seen high levels of floods and landslides.

To include some positives, friends who run a self help organisation for disabled people – independent Living Centre – have been very proactive in supporting others. For example, after a zoom meeting to raise awareness, lifts and ‘buddies’ were arranged to help people attend a local vaccination centre.

Also, our partners in the Palliative Care project have continued to provide specialised support to patients and colleagues, and been involved in the care of people with covid. The newly opened care centre has been well used, and also the staff team have given training about end of life care to staff of other hospitals.Several patients do craft projects for their own well-being and for income generating, and a donation from us last year was used to create a display cupboard for their things to sell, and also to buy locally available wool for them to use.

To continue to support the Palliative Care project, we are launching a fundraising sponsored event from September 1st onwards, in which WNDT Chair, Jane Schofield Gurung, will do a ‘virtual trek’ to the top of Mount Everest!! From September 1st, any walk, run, jog, ‘hop, skip or jump’ will count toward the distance of 40 miles (64km). If you are able to give any sponsorship please do so by: cash or cheque to WNDT (WNDT at 40, Sun Lane, or via Jane, Prem or Pam Stoney); or by online giving to:


Any donation of any size will be greatly appreciated and assist the coverage of the miles as well….. and let us know via: wndt@btinternet.com if you would like to join in any walks…!

With thanks, Jane for WNDT Trustees