Burley-Tereli Friendship Trust – September 2021

BTFT Trustees would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern and a wish to help our friends in Téréli over the last few months.

This region has suffered not only from climate change but also from
attacks which made it impossible for villagers to plant and harvest their staple crop in 2020.

Thanks to donations last August and at Christmas, it was possible to avert famine. Millet was sent to feed over 700 people to tide them over until the harvest later this year. Photos show donkey carts bringing supplies during the food crisis and the delight at receiving sacks of millet. Thank you also for supporting Team BTFT in the Ilkley Half Marathon which raised over £5,000. In August Zakari told us that gales have caused a lot of damage in Téréli. The roof has come off the Dispensary, the solar panel smashed and trees have fallen. Thanks to the support for the run, BTFT could respond straight away. It is the rainy season when many people get malaria so there is demand for the 8 beds in the Dispensary. Zakari and Tenoussé thank everyone for their help in this emergency.

Mary Wood