Response to Covid-19

We don’t know why this terrible virus has spread and infected and sadly killed so many people. What we do know is that we can still trust in God whose character is powerful and loving. God is love. He loves us so much He sent His son to die for us. God’s love is greater than our fear. He cares when bad thigs happen. Jesus cried when his friend Lazarus died and right now, He is besides you and all those in need of Him.

Baring this in mind, we know that a lot of families and children will be isolating and this is indefinite. So, below you will find links to different kinds of resources, which are both faith related and non-faith related activities to keep the little ones occupied.

We know that lack of ideas and resources can make this period of isolation difficult, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you are struggling through this difficult time.

Worship Songs:

Keep your little ones dancing and worshipping at home. Try listening to a few of these child friendly songs on YouTube. Below are a few links to a few songs and playlists that are upbeat that will get your children dancing, bringing a bit of Sunday school and Tea and Toast home to you all.

Keeping Active at Home:

We know that little legs have got to run and keep bouncing around, with this in mind Joe Wicks and other fitness instructors have done child friendly programs for those that are staying at home and staying safe! Find below a link to the first Joe Wicks live school workout that is daily at 9am.

Keep learning…

As most children, apart from those whose parents are key workers, they will be at home. Most schools will have sent home many resources to keep their education going, but this can be a great task and can feel stressful for parents. There are many useful websites and book available, however I would recommend the BBC Bitesize website (link attached below) as a source of educational resources, games and quizzes for many ages.

If anyone is struggling to find resources or need new ideas, please do not hesitate to get into contact. Contact details for our family and children’s worker is above.

Bringing Sunday School home…

We know how important Sunday school is for the little ones in our community, with this in mind there are so many resources that are available for you and your children. Find below some links to a website called Flame Creative – there are many activities that can be done at home with things you find at home! How easy is that?! Find attached activities to do with hope, healing and trust. Something that in these next few weeks we will all need to be thinking about.

Furthermore, we know that during this Easter period, telling the Easter story is important. So find some videos and playlists that will keep your child’s spiritual journey going, whilst Sunday worship is postponed for the time being.

Colouring and other activity recources…

Find below links to printable colouring in pages that are faith based for reflective times and for those children that might be anxious. Colouring will help them centre their minds and relax whilst being at home. If you struggle or are unable to print any of these off, please contact us and will be more than happy to help families out with resources.

Email for more resources, tricks and tips to keep your little ones occupied.

We will be updating the website regularly to keep things new and fresh with new activities, songs, videos and games! So you and your family can get the most of the isolation.

Blessings to you all from us all at St Mary’s!

St Mary’s welcomes all children!

Parish Communion: Sundays at 9.15 in church. We have books and activity bags to entertain any children who come along. The helpers at the back of the church will be happy to show you where these are kept.

Tea & Toast – an informal, all-age cafe style church with refreshments from 10.30. The service at 10.45 includes a band, children’s activities and a creche for the little ones.

Choir – Our boys choir and girls choir sing at alternate services at 9.15, and there is normally an activity specifically for them to fit round their particular ‘duties’!

For more information or to chat about children’s work at St Mary’s, or find out what’s happening on a particular week, contact our Family and Children’s Outreach Worker Maxie Barker (Mob: 07588654125 or email: