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Mothers’ Union News

One of the key aims of the MU is to help build stable family units within local communities. This year a Mothering Sunday liturgy was created by students at a theological college under the guidance of lecturer Jane Williams (wife of Rowan). She was pleased that among those who offered help there were single women, men and students of all ages, not just mums, reflecting the inclusive work of the MU across the globe. Also, to help families explore and enjoy faith together, Hand in Hand booklets and downloadable sheets on a number of themes are available from focus. “Ways to pray” include such suggestions as “I’ll pray saying thank you for something beginning with…’”or “Throw a ball and whoever catches it calls out a subject to pray about”. Under the title of Family Spirituality, there are suggestions such as regularly share a favourite activity together, including a popular meal, talk about and enjoy good family memories or befriend someone, or – a little different – tell the story of parents bringing their children to Jesus (Mark 10:15-17) and have fun imagining your family as part of this story.

In March members of the MU and LG enjoyed an evening out at the Ilkley Operatic Society production of Seussical the Musical, bringing back happy memories of Dr Seuss’ quirky stories.

For the MU afternoon meeting in March, Mr Paul Lancaster gave a very interesting and informative talk on a Christian organisation called Hope for the Nations, which involves many churches and operates in Leeds. This reaches out to people of other cultures, offering hospitality and practical support as well as Christian fellowship. Paul spoke of the strong link with the Brazilian church, which is flourishing and now partners with the UK in encouraging mission; he showed photographs of his son’s wedding in Brazil. Through the link, a young Brazilian, Isabel, came to work at Prince Henry’s school as a youth worker for a time. His own daughter spent some time there working with street children.

He also spoke about Hope for the Nations in Leeds which was established in 2007. Part of this is a day long celebration of the 130 different nationalities in the city, which is held on the first Saturday of July in Briggate. There is music, dancing and drumming, many food stalls and what must be a unique symbol, a wonderful banner made up of 120 different flags (see photograph). Paul told the story of a young woman who sewed these flags together to make the whole measuring 60 feet by 30. She is a refugee from Zimbabwe, her husband was martyred, her name is Blessings. She is now training to teach textiles in Leeds. There are many more stories of this vibrant work.

Dates for your Diary

April 11th 2pm A Musical Miscellany

May 3rd 8pm Journey in Africa – Mary Brooks

May 9th Evening visit from Shelf & celebration of our 120th Anniversary

For the Easter diary and services and activities, see elsewhere in this magazine.

Wishing you joy and peace this Easter.

Irene Fowler


Ladies Group News

The 5th of April, 8.00 in the Parish Centre, sees the return of one of our favourite speakers, Pat Osbourne. Always interesting and entertaining, her subject this time is the famous potter, Clarice Cliff. Pat poses the question – “Genius….or just in the right place at the right time?” I personally think the latter, but whatever our opinion, it will be a very lively evening.

Those of us who have seen the films of The Exotic Marigold Hotel, with their wonderful casts of “oldies”, will relish our meeting on 19th April, 8.00pm in Parish Centre, with Maggie Poppa (lovely name!). Maggie is presenting a slide show of fascinating photos of her time in India, and has titled it “Staying at the REAL Exotic Marigold Hotel”.

Lynne Robinson


Mothers’ Union and Ladies Group Meetings 2017-18

All meetings at 8pm in St Mary’s Parish Centre unless shown otherwise.


5th ‘Clarice Cliff…genius…or just in the right place at the right time?’ – Pat Osborne
19th ‘Staying at the REAL Exotic Marigold Hotel’ – Maggie Poppa

3rd ‘Journey in Africa’ – Mary Brooks
10th Ascension Day Service 7.30pm in church, followed by refreshments
17th Ladies Group AGM

14th Meal – details later

MU Afternoon Meetings

All meetings at 2pm in St Mary’s Parish Centre unless shown otherwise.


11th ‘Musical Miscellany’

9th Evening visit by our link branch at Shelf & celebration of our 120th anniversary

13th ‘Memory Box’

4th(Weds) Strawberry Teas – St Mary’s Parish Centre
11th AGM

9th Mary Sumner Day