Ladies Group & Mothers’ Union News

Mothers’ Union

Wednesday 15 October saw the beginning of a wonderful meeting!
Our Burley branch of the M.U. met for the first time since the Covid pandemic entered our lives, and restrictions began.  Fourteen of us were there, some feeling less able than they were 18 months ago and we heard about members who are moving to have a more convenient home or care. It is apparent that the structure of our branch needs to change to the ‘new normal’ which we have been expecting for a long time.

After open discussion, we decided that we would continue to meet on the second Wednesday of the month as usual, at 2pm in the Garden Room at the Parish Centre. (This cuts out stair climbing, or using the lift.) Ladies Group have decided to meet once a month instead of twice; MU members will still be welcome to attend their evening meetings on the first Thursday of the month, but there will be no MU/LG carol service nor joint New Year party.

MU are planning a Christmas ‘Afternoon Tea’ with a seasonal theme on Wednesday 8 December. Please let Pam or Margaret Sumner know if you think you might like to come. Also we will still take part in the World Wide Wave of Prayer on Saturday 8 January 2022 at 12 noon.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 10 November, but as we are only just beginning to plan, watch out for details in the Parish Centre window. Members who receive email news will have details sent, and we hope to drop a note through your letterbox if not. We hope to see you there!


Ladies Group

Our first post-covid gathering on Thursday 7 October 2021went well; we had 14 people attending and 8 apologies.

After a short discussion, we decided that rather than return to our previous pattern of meetings, we will meet on the first Thursday of each month up to May, at 7.30 in the Garden Room, and possibly arrange to go out for a meal in June as we have done in the past. The meetings initially will be social events, and members will volunteer to organise them – all this means is taking milk and biscuits, and if you wish, arranging a short activity or discussion!

The next two dates are:
Thursday 4 November: Kath, Sue and Irene have asked us all to take along a photo that we can pass round and talk about for not more than 2 minutes – so start looking through those old albums!
Thursday 2 December: A Christmas theme – Margaret and Angela will bring mince pies, but please bring along your own choice of drink to accompany them!

Please do spread the word that we are ‘up and running’ again, and invite friends and acquaintances to join us! We look forward to seeing you in November. 


Mothers’ Union and Ladies Group 

Thursday Evening meetings at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Parish Centre unless shown otherwise.

Mothers’ Union 
Wednesday Afternoon meetings at 2pm in St Mary’s Parish Centre unless shown otherwise.