Sunday 13 June

Last week we found out about how Jesus changed Saul’s life on the way to Damascus. After that time he became known as Paul.

Today we are going to be thinking about one of the journeys that the apostle Paul made. Paul had made the religious leaders angry by telling people about Jesus. They made a plan to kill him. The Romans heard about this, rescued Paul and kept him in prison in Caesarea for 2 years. Paul said he had done nothing wrong and asked to be brought before Caesar. The Romans agreed and Paul began the journey to Rome by sea. On the way the weather got worse and a strong wind began to blow. Paul warned the captain but he continued with the journey. The wind blew hard and the waves grew higher and higher. The storm did not stop and the men on the boat were very scared. Paul spoke to the men and said “You should have listened to me and not sailed from Crete. But don’t worry – an angel of God told me that I must stand before Caesar. None of you will die but we will crash into an island.” After 14 days Paul and the men on the boat saw an island, it was Malta. They jumped into the sea and swam to the shore. All the people on the ship were saved but the big waves broke the ship into pieces.

From this story of Paul we learn that God protected Paul and gave him strength. When we trust Him He will do the same for us.

You can watch the story at the following link.


Make a paper boat – Instructions to make an origami boat can be found at the link here

Map the Journey – Older children might like to use the map to plot Paul’s journey.

You will need to find the following places: Jerusalem, Caesarea, Sidon, Myra, Crete, Malta, Syracuse and Rome.


There is a prayer activity to remind us that God is our anchor and how we should trust in God for our strength here

Sunday 6 June

Hello everyone, I hope you have been enjoying the sun and your break from school.

Today we are going to find out more about a great letter writer whose letters we can read in the New Testament a person we know as Paul.

But first let us travel back in our imaginations to Jerusalem after the disciples had received the Holy Spirit and the crowds had heard them talk about Jesus in their own language. The disciples who had been so scared and timid were now brave and confident people telling everyone about Jesus. As you can imagine the Jewish authorities were not very happy about this. One Pharisee called Saul was particularly incensed about this and went about trying to arrest the disciples and anyone he found believing that Jesus was the Son of God. He was so worried that this message was spreading further than Jerusalem that he decided to go on a 150 mile journey to a place called Damascus to arrest anyone there who was a believer in Jesus.

Watch the video below to find out what happened and how Saul became Paul.

You can read about this journey and what happened in Acts chapter 9 verses 1 to 19.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Jesus can change lives. Paul met Jesus on that road and from then on told people about Jesus rather than punishing them for believing in Jesus.

2. Ananias obeyed God when he told him to go to see Paul, even though he couldn’t believe it would be safe! We must learn to listen to God prompting us to do things and to be willing to help people know more about Jesus.

A Prayer.

Lord Jesus we might not meet you like Paul did but help us to know you and to be willing to have our lives changed by you. Amen.


  1. Make a figure of Paul and draw faces to show how his feelings changed.

Have a good week

Margaret and Gareth

Trinity Sunday – 30 May

Today is Trinity Sunday. The Trinity shows us how God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit come together to form one God.

The word ‘trinity’ starts with ‘tri’ which means three. Can you think of some other words that start with ‘tri’?

Tricycle – a bike with 3 wheels
Tripod – a stand with 3 legs
Triangle – a shape with 3 sides or angles
Triathlon – a race with 3 parts (swimming, cycling and running)
Triceratops – a dinosaur with 3 horns
Trio – a group of 3

There are many images that are used to represent the Trinity. They use three parts that are put together to make one image. Some examples can be seen here:

An apple or an egg can also be a way to think of the Trinity. Both these things have 3 individual parts that come together to make one. The egg has the shell, the egg yolk and the egg white. In the apple the skin, the flesh and the seeds are all individual parts, they are different to each other but they come together to make one apple. We could also think of the apple parts in relation to God. The skin is God the Father who protects us; the flesh is God the Son, as Jesus took on human form; and lastly the seeds are the Holy Spirit that helps us to grow.


Make your own Trinity symbol – can you create a symbol where 3 parts become one image?

Make a Trinity poster – draw a circle and divide it into 3 parts. Write Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the sections. In the Father section draw or stick pictures to do with creation; in the Son section a cross and people; and in the Holy Spirit section pictures representing a dove, wind and fire.

Make some Trinity food – a pizza perhaps where the base, the sauce and the cheese come together to make one dish. You could make a Trinity pudding by mixing crushed meringue with whipped cream and strawberries.

Plait some paper or wool – find 3 different colours or wool or crepe paper. Plait them together to make a headband or a bracelet as a reminder of the Trinity.

Trinity Colouring

Have a lovely half term week


Pentecost – 23 May

Last week we heard about Jesus going back to heaven to be with God. The disciples were left very sad and afraid because Jesus had gone away. When Jesus left his disciples, he promised to send someone to help them. The disciples didn’t know who it would be or when they would come. At Pentecost we think about when that special ‘helper’, the Holy Spirit, came to the disciples.

You will find the story of Pentecost in Acts 2:1 – 41 or you could watch the story by following one of the links below.


The disciples were not able to see the Holy Spirit but they knew it was there and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit came to the disciples as a strong wind. The following activities will allow children to understand that sometimes we can’t see something but we know it is there because we can feel it and see what it does. Just like the disciples could not see the Holy Spirit but they knew it was there.

Hold your hands a little way from your face and blow on them. We can’t see the air coming from our mouths but we can feel in, just like the disciples could feel the Holy Spirit.

If it is a windy day go outside and feel the wind on your face. Look at what the wind is doing to the trees, plants, your hair. We can’t see the wind but we can see what it is doing.

Make a windmill from a square of paper, split pin and straw. Instructions are attached. Watch the windmill move in the wind.

Make a wind spiral. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper or card and decorate. Draw a spiral starting at the centre. Cut along the lines and thread some string through the centre to allow you to hang the spiral up. Watch as the spiral moves in the air.

An example can be seen at this link: click here


Make a flame headband. Cut a strip of paper or card big enough to go around your child’s head. Draw, colour and cut out a flame shape and attach to the front for the head band.

Activity sheets

Prayer time

Action prayer. Repeat the actions for the second verse of the prayer.

Jesus’ friends were lonely and afraid.
(Curl up)

Jesus’ friends were waiting for his help.
(Look around)

Jesus sent his friends the Holy Spirit.
(Begin to stand up)

To make them strong and brave and happy in his love.
(Stretch arms up high)

Sometimes I am lonely and afraid.
Sometimes I am waiting for your help.
Thank you that you sent the Holy Spirit.
To make me strong and brave and happy in your love.

I hope you enjoy finding out about how the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost.


Ascension Day


Today we are going to look at the ascension of Jesus, which is when Jesus went to Heaven. After his resurrection Jesus spent 40 days with his disciples before returning to his Father in Heaven. Before Jesus leaves, he makes sure he gives his followers words of hope and encouragement so they do not feel afraid when He ascends to Heaven.  

It is the same for us if we are worried about a friend or a relative going away for a while. If they give us words of hope and reassurance we don’t feel as afraid or worried about them. Below is the story of the Ascension of Jesus for younger children to read with their parents and an extract for older children to read.  

There is also a YouTube clip and some crafts for you to do. I hope you have fun learning all about Jesus going to Heaven.   

Story for Younger Children

Jesus came back from the grave* and spent 40 days with his beloved disciples*. He taught his dear students many things and told them that he would visit again. 

He said, “Soon, you will be baptized* with the Holy Spirit and receive the power of God. You will tell my story to the people in Jerusalem and to people all over the Earth.” 
Jesus blessed his disciples*. Then as they look at him Jesus became surrounded by bright light. He was taken into the heavens, and he disappeared. 

Two men appeared and told the disciples that Jesus was in heaven. 

Jesus says Good-bye! 
Adapted from Acts 1:1-10 
Jesus said to his friends one day, 
“Very soon I must go away, 
Don’t be sad because  
I will come back again! 
Jesus told his friends:  
“Tell my story everywhere.” 
And then as his beloved friends 
were standing there 
Jesus went up, up, up  
Into the sky! 


Matthew 28:19; Acts 1:6–11 

After his resurrection, Jesus remained with the disciples for forty days. Eventually, it was time for him to return to his Father in heaven, but not before giving his followers a few parting words of hope.  

As you read this story, pay attention to the reasons the apostles are filled with hope instead of fear after Jesus ascends up into heaven.  

Jesus gathered his disciples together and they asked him, “Lord, are you going to restore the Kingdom of Israel now?”  

Jesus was staring up into the sky. He looked to his disciples and replied, “It is not for you to know the time that the Father has planned for his kingdom. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  

Then, to the amazement of the disciples, Jesus began to float up into the air. He rose higher and higher into the clouds until they could see him no more.  

They were staring up into the sky when two men in white robes appeared by their sides. They were angels. They said, “Why do you stand looking up toward heaven? This Jesus, who has ascended into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.”  

The angels left them, and the men returned to Jerusalem. As they walked along the way, they remembered some parting words Jesus had spoken to them not long before. He told them, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  

With a renewed sense of hope in the future, the apostles began their mission to make more disciples of Christ throughout the world.  

Here are some Reflection Questions to have a think about: 

  • What did Jesus tell the apostles to do after he left?
  • Why do you think the apostles felt hope after Jesus ascended up into heaven?
  • How can you be Jesus Christ’s witness and teach others about what he said and did?

Ascension Video: Jesus’ Ascension 

Craft Ideas 

“The Ascension of Jesus” Craft Ideas | Ministry-To-Children ( 

Ascension of Jesus Crafts for Kids ( 

Jesus Ascends Bible Craft for Kids ( 

Craft Ideas about the Ascension of Jesus 

Some Sunday School songs to listen to. 

Ascension Song – Acts 1 verse 11 

 See you soon,


Sunday 9 May

Hello everyone. This weekend we are looking at the Barbecue on the Beach. The disciples are very frightened most of the time in case the Jewish men come and arrest them so  they stay inside with the door locked.   But one night they decide to go fishing but although they were out all night they did not catch anything.  If you want to know what happens next then listen to the story I recorded for you.

This is the link to the Bible story:

Sunday 2 May

Doubting Thomas 

Today we are going to look at the story of Doubting Thomas. The reason Thomas earned his name as Doubting Thomas was because he didn’t believe Jesus to be real, until he appeared before him and allowed him to touch him in the flesh. Are you someone who likes to see something or someone before you believe something is real or true? It can be anything from seeing a seed growing into a beautiful flower or meeting someone special, who you have heard a lot about but never actually met in person. Below is the story of Doubting Thomas for you to read about and a few fun and interesting facts about him. There are also a couple of YouTube clips about Doubting Thomas and some word searches and craft activities. I hope you have fun learning all about Doubting Thomas. 

 Who Was Doubting Thomas?  

Thomas the Apostle—often referred to as “Doubting Thomas”—was one of the twelve main disciples of Jesus Christ. In the Gospel of John, Thomas famously doubted Jesus’ resurrection, telling the other disciples, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe” (John 20:25). 

Jesus then appeared and offered to let him do just that. 

Upon seeing Jesus in the flesh with his own eyes (and possibly touching the wounds), Thomas proclaimed, “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28). Jesus responded with one of the most powerful and prophetic statements about faith in all of Scripture: “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29). 

Thomas’ moment of scepticism earned him the nickname “Doubting Thomas,” which evolved into a term for anyone who needs proof before they believe something. 

In this guide, we’ll highlight the things we can observe about Thomas from the Bible. 

Here are some quick facts about Thomas the apostle:

Doubting Thomas Video – For Younger Children: 

Doubting Thomas Video – For Older Children:

Craft Ideas

Some more ideas are available on the link below:

Doubting Thomas Craft Ideas | Ministry-To-Children (

Finally, a Doubting Thomas Sunday School Song 🎵 to listen to and join in with:

See you soon!


Sunday 18 April

Jesus appears to his disciples

There is an old saying that seeing is believing and that was certainly true for Jesus’ disciples. They could hardly believe Mary, Peter and John when they said that Jesus’ tomb was empty and Mary said she had seen him. But when he appeared in that upper room they knew for certain he was alive.

Read or listen to the story

Read the story in Luke chapter 24 verses 24 -43 or listen to it by clicking on the link below.

Activities and quiz

1. How were the disciples feeling before they saw Jesus and how did they feel after they had seen him?

Draw some emojis to show the different emotions the disciples felt. Which emoji best shows how you feel knowing that Jesus is alive.

2. What did Jesus do to help the disciples realise he wasn’t a ghost?

3. What did Jesus say to the disciples that would have helped them?

Can you draw a fish and decorate it for Jesus?

5. The disciples heard Jesus speak, they saw him eat and they were able to touch him. Doing all these things helped them to believe Jesus was alive. They saw the wounds the nails had made in his hands.

Draw round your hands and put a heart in the middle to remind yourself that Jesus loves you.

6. Older children might like to watch Bishop Toby’s video which can be found on our web page.

7. A Challenge for this week. Can you share Jesus’ love this week ?

You could do this by smiling at people, doing an act of kindness, by sharing something with someone.

8. Can you make Jesus appear to his disciples? Colour in the spinner and fold it round a stick/ pencil. rub it between your hand to see Jesus appear in the room.

9. Colouring sheet

A Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus

Thank you for loving us, help us to know that you are with us everyday even if we can not see or touch you. Help us to listen for your voice guiding us and to share your love with those around us. Amen.

Thank you to Gareth for helping me to plan the activities for this week.


Sunday 11 April

On the Road to Emmaus

Last week we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, when He rose from the dead. Jesus stayed on Earth for a further 40 days before he ascended into Heaven to be with His Father. In the time between Easter and His ascension Jesus appeared to his followers on several occasions. One of the first appearances to them was on the road to Emmaus.

The Bible reading, activities and prayer ideas are below.

Story time

You can read the story in the Bible in Luke 24: 13 – 35.

Here is the Bible reading with some questions and an explanation for older children.

Watch the story here:

Activity time

Looking for Jesus binoculars

In the Bible reading it says ‘And their eyes were opened, and they recognized him’ Luke 24:31

Using a kitchen roll tube (or alternative) make some binoculars as a reminder that we need to look for and see Jesus. Stick 2 kitchen roll tubes together or cut one in half and stick them together with Sellotape. Decorate them.

The binoculars can help children to understand that we need to open our eyes to see Jesus.

Walking picture

Colour the attached picture and cut out the people and either stick on the background or stick them on a lolly stick/ piece of card and cut a slit in the picture to make the followers and Jesus walk along the road.


Jesus walked alongside His followers. As a reminder that we too are walking with Jesus you could make some painted footprints or draw around your feet and cut them out. Perhaps make a trail to follow out of footprints.

Wordsearch, maze and crossword

Prayer time

Have a short walk around the garden or house. Stop several times and say a short prayer each time. Some ideas are below but you could use any prayers.

Lord our God, we thank and praise you for the greatness of your love, shown to us in Jesus Christ, who was willing to die for us, to bring us into your family, and to bless us with the life that lasts for ever.

We thank you for the new life we celebrate at Easter; help us to keep growing in the life that never comes to an end.

We pray for our families, our friends, and all those we care about: fill them with hope and happiness.

We pray for people who are unhappy today: those who are hungry, or homeless, those who fear violence or harm; may they find protection and peace.

We pray for those who are ill, or facing difficulties: may they find hope in the cross of Christ, and be strengthened by the knowledge of your love.

Lord, accept our prayers, and be with us now and for ever.