Sunday 6 June

Hello everyone, I hope you have been enjoying the sun and your break from school.

Today we are going to find out more about a great letter writer whose letters we can read in the New Testament a person we know as Paul.

But first let us travel back in our imaginations to Jerusalem after the disciples had received the Holy Spirit and the crowds had heard them talk about Jesus in their own language. The disciples who had been so scared and timid were now brave and confident people telling everyone about Jesus. As you can imagine the Jewish authorities were not very happy about this. One Pharisee called Saul was particularly incensed about this and went about trying to arrest the disciples and anyone he found believing that Jesus was the Son of God. He was so worried that this message was spreading further than Jerusalem that he decided to go on a 150 mile journey to a place called Damascus to arrest anyone there who was a believer in Jesus.

Watch the video below to find out what happened and how Saul became Paul.

You can read about this journey and what happened in Acts chapter 9 verses 1 to 19.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Jesus can change lives. Paul met Jesus on that road and from then on told people about Jesus rather than punishing them for believing in Jesus.

2. Ananias obeyed God when he told him to go to see Paul, even though he couldn’t believe it would be safe! We must learn to listen to God prompting us to do things and to be willing to help people know more about Jesus.

A Prayer.

Lord Jesus we might not meet you like Paul did but help us to know you and to be willing to have our lives changed by you. Amen.


  1. Make a figure of Paul and draw faces to show how his feelings changed.

Have a good week

Margaret and Gareth