Trinity Sunday – 30 May

Today is Trinity Sunday. The Trinity shows us how God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit come together to form one God.

The word ‘trinity’ starts with ‘tri’ which means three. Can you think of some other words that start with ‘tri’?

Tricycle – a bike with 3 wheels
Tripod – a stand with 3 legs
Triangle – a shape with 3 sides or angles
Triathlon – a race with 3 parts (swimming, cycling and running)
Triceratops – a dinosaur with 3 horns
Trio – a group of 3

There are many images that are used to represent the Trinity. They use three parts that are put together to make one image. Some examples can be seen here:

An apple or an egg can also be a way to think of the Trinity. Both these things have 3 individual parts that come together to make one. The egg has the shell, the egg yolk and the egg white. In the apple the skin, the flesh and the seeds are all individual parts, they are different to each other but they come together to make one apple. We could also think of the apple parts in relation to God. The skin is God the Father who protects us; the flesh is God the Son, as Jesus took on human form; and lastly the seeds are the Holy Spirit that helps us to grow.


Make your own Trinity symbol – can you create a symbol where 3 parts become one image?

Make a Trinity poster – draw a circle and divide it into 3 parts. Write Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the sections. In the Father section draw or stick pictures to do with creation; in the Son section a cross and people; and in the Holy Spirit section pictures representing a dove, wind and fire.

Make some Trinity food – a pizza perhaps where the base, the sauce and the cheese come together to make one dish. You could make a Trinity pudding by mixing crushed meringue with whipped cream and strawberries.

Plait some paper or wool – find 3 different colours or wool or crepe paper. Plait them together to make a headband or a bracelet as a reminder of the Trinity.

Trinity Colouring

Have a lovely half term week