Sunday 7 February

Welcome to Sunday School for the 7th February

Last week you were encourage to think and pray thankfully. I know for me the snow on Tuesday made me smile and be thankful. Today we are going to think about saying sorry in our prayers and also asking Jesus for help, please prayers.

In the Bible we learn about forgiveness. The parable of the Prodigal Son is one way that Jesus teaches about forgiveness. From the story we understand that we are all part of God’s family, we are his children and that he will love us and forgive us no matter what we do. We need to be able to say we are sorry to God and Jesus for the things that we do wrong. You might like to read the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible, Luke 15:11 – 32. You can also watch the story from the following link.

We are also able to ask God and Jesus for help with things or for his blessing on people, please prayers. There are some ways below to think about how we might pray for others.


Bubble Prayers
Blow bubbles, watch as they float up, ask God to help with our worries or ask his forgiveness for something we have done wrong. As the bubbles pop remember that God takes away our worries and forgives us.
Blow bubbles and pop a bubble for each prayer said.

Forgiveness Washing
Write on a stone with chalk what you want to say sorry for. Wash the stone in water to wash away the writing. Like with the bubbles as the writing is washed away we can remember that God takes away our worries and forgives us. You can also write using a washable fibre tipped pen on smooth plastic, chalk on a chalkboard or whiteboard pen on a whiteboard (wipe off).

Sorry Bin
Write what you are sorry for on a piece of paper, screw it up and put it in the bin.

Prayer Journal /Book
You can also add some more prayers to your prayer book from last week.

Pipecleaner Intercessions
Make your pipecleaner into the initial of the name of someone or something. Pray for that thing/ person
Screw up the pipecleaner and pray for people who are confused or upset
Link the pipecleaner to someone else’s and pray for people who are lonely
Put the pipecleaner around wrist to remind us that God is always with us.
This activity would also work with a piece of string or wool.

Hand Prayers
Hold each finger of your hand and say a prayer.
Thumb – people closest to us (family/friends)
Index (pointing) finger – people far away
Middle (tallest) finger – important people, people in power
Ring (weakest) finger – poor, weak, sick, hungry, bereaved
Little finger – pray for yourself

Lego Prayer
Last week we used Lego pieces to say thank you prayers. This week you could take a brick and for each of the bumps pray for a different person or place.
You could also have three colours of bricks and for each colour you could say a different type of prayer – sorry, please, thank you.

Prayer Playing Cards
Put a pack of cards face down. Take a card off the pile and pray as follows:
Red number card – ‘thank you’ prayer
Black number card – ‘sorry’ or ‘please’ prayer
King – think of a word to describe God and how great He is
Queen – pray for someone who is female
Jack – pray for someone who is male

There are also some games that you might like to play. They include all three types of prayers, sorry, please and thank you.