St Mary’s News Items

From the Registers:
We gave thanks for God’s gift of life at the Funerals of Beatrice Cousins and Rita Teale.

We welcomed into the Church through Baptism: Daniel Hinchliffe, Jonah Lisles and Jonah Lister.

We celebrated the Marriage of Richard Boynton and Felicity Underwood.


Thank You for your donations during Christian Aid Week

Already the village has raised over £1,500 of which over £700 came from St Mary’s. The total is likely to rise as late envelopes come in, so if you haven’t returned your envelope there is still time.

This year there was no house to house collection, so the total is reduced. Donations came from the churches and from a street collection outside the Co-op and at the bottom of Station Road. If anyone feels inspired to help plan next year’s CAW the committee would love to hear from you.

Thank you again from Janet Squire, Mary Dale and the Christian Aid committee.


On Sunday 16 May, we welcomed Revd Nathanael Poole to our 9.15 and 10.45 services. Nathanael was the first of St Mary’s visiting clergy during Alastair’s sabbatical. He told us that he had just finished a three-year curacy at Great Horton and was about to start a new chapter in his ministry. He was to join a new church, just opened, in Bradford city centre, Fountains Church. The building he told us was a former night club! The church’s mission will be aimed at attracting young people, business people and those from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For more details got to


Guide Dogs for the Blind Award for Church Member

Enid Whiteside was delighted to hear that she had been nominated for a Local Volunteer Award for her work with the Guide Dogs charity, and she has received an invitation to the annual award ceremony on 5 June at Calverley Golf Club. In nominating Enid, Andrew Barton said that her work as a founding member of the Ilkley Supporter Group (612D) in 2015 had been exceptional. While keeping a low profile she has shown great kindness and consideration to all members, and has taken a active role in organising, promoting and attending meetings and events.

Enid says,
“My late mother was a blind lady. When my right retina detached for no reason, the sight of my eye was saved thanks to a wonderful surgeon. I then started to sponsor a Guide Dog, I now sponsor three for families with children. The Ilkley fund raising group began in the Summer of 2015 and I attended the first meeting, and have been actively involved in fund raising since then. To be nominated for an award was a complete surprise.”

Why not sponsor a Guide Dog puppy and help someone less fortunate than yourself, it cost’s only £1 per week. You can find Guide Dogs on Google.

Joyce Russell


Happy 12th Birthday to the Parish Centre!

The Parish Centre was 12 years old on Monday 20 May. Yes, it is 12 years since St Mary’s opened it’s doors to the Burley Community. Our vicar at the time, the Revd Michael Burley, said “we want to provide the very best facilities we can for ourselves and the village”.

Michael also said in his letter in the May Magazine 2007 that “ May 2007 will go down in the history books as an important month for St Mary’s Church”. Think we may been failing him in this! At least, I only remembered when a lovely card arrived in the office from the family of the late Bill and Nancy Jepson, whose bequest made the building of the Parish Centre possible. Their card and message “Love and every good wish to all who take part!” is currently on view in Open Door for all to see.

We are very grateful for this amazing gift and hope that we are growing and nurturing the Centre’s development as our benefactors would have wished.

Joyce Russell