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From the Registers:

On 5 February, we gave thanks for God’s gift of life at the Funeral of Audrey Stansfield.
On 10 February, many people attended the Wedding Blessing of Rob and Jodie.

Urgent Need for Volunteers in Open Door:

Open Door is our ‘Place of Welcome’. We urgently require some new volunteers to help avoid closing some of our current opening times. Can you help?

The role of volunteer in Open Door is to meet and greet regular visitors, and ensure that new visitors are made to feel comfortable and at ease in an unfamiliar setting. By chatting and providing refreshments, a sociable atmosphere can be created, while ever being mindful of individual needs of those present. You will work alongside another volunteer to ensure Open Door is a safe place for all who visit.

It can indeed be a sociable and relaxing volunteering role! We ask for a regular commitment of once a week for morning or afternoon session, or fortnightly or monthly

Open Door opening hours are: Monday-Friday (except Thursday) 10am – 12noon and 2-4pm Contact the Parish Centre for more information:

Tel: 01943 8644065 Email:

A Plea:

About St Mary’s Parish Magazine:-

Most of our wonderful deliverers are retired people. You may think – “Well, they have lots of time, don’t they!”

I would like to tell you a deeper story. Most are 70+ and many are even 80+. They often have grandchildren and sometimes even parents, also spouses or other family members to care for. Their own problems, mostly due to anno domini, are also to be considered. A number of these valiant folk are beginning to find the task is getting too much for them after years and often decades of faithful service, and feel that it is now time for younger and more vigorous ones to take over from them.

So, I ask you , when vacancies occur, to prayerfully give thought to helping out and ease the load from our older members who have served you and are now starting to feel tired and ready to retire anew. As they do, so it’s time for the next generation to take up the reins.

For further information, please speak to me – Tel. on back of magazine, or Joyce at the office.

Sue Whelan