St Mary’s News Items

From the Registers:

We gave thanks for God’s gift of life at the Funerals of:
Patricia Whiteley, Kathleen Wilson, Thomas Hogg, Colin Jacobs

We welcomed into the Church through Baptism: Milo Goodaire


Revision of Church Electoral Roll

In preparation for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on the 29th March 2020, we need to update our Electoral Roll. If you have been attending St. Mary’s (including Tea and Toast) regularly for more than six months you are entitled to join our Electoral Roll. Please note that this is not a complete revision – if you are on the Electoral Roll already you do not need to do anything unless you have changed address. If you would like to be included, please pick up an application form which will be available from the Church porch and will need to be returned to the Parish Office before the lst March. Please note that you must be on the Electoral Roll to be entitled to vote at the A.P.C.M. or to stand for election to the P.C.C. A copy of the revised Electoral Roll will be displayed in the Church porch from the 15th March. If you have any queries, please contact the Electoral Roll Officer, Merel, via the Parish Centre Office on 01943 864405. Thanks a lot, Merel


Congregation Swap!

On Sunday 19 January a ‘Congregation Swap’ took place within churches in Burley. Intended as a symbolic gesture within the week of prayer for Christian Unity congregations were encouraged to visit another church service. While it is easy to stick with what you know, it is really valuable to visit other neighbouring churches to understand more about how our wider Christian family worship each week. Like myself a number of St Mary’s members choose to attend Salem, the United Reform Church in Burley. What a lovely experience it turned out to be! This beautiful little church was fairly full and we were given a warm welcome by Salem church members and the minister, Revd Jason McCullough. As a Scot I enjoyed the down to earth simplicity of the service and absence of complex liturgy. In talking with other visitors from St Mary’s the long silence following the prayers of intercession was much appreciated as was the singing of the Lord’s Prayer. The sharing of the different forms of service was a worthwhile exercise I felt, underlining the unity of Christian worship.

Joyce Russell


Your Parish Centre Needs You!

St Mary’s Parish Centre is seeking volunteers to help run our busy and welcoming community space. The Parish Centre plays a key part in community life in Burley and is run by a team of friendly, fun and supportive volunteers. If you have a little free time on your hands we would love to hear from you! Please contact the office on 864405 or call in to find out if the roles we have available might suit you. At the moment, we particularly need more people to help with our caretaking. Even if you just have a small amount of time to spare you will be welcomed with open arms! Jo Clayton, Parish Centre Manager


Christian Aid at Christmas

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who gave to the Christian Aid appeal this Christmas. Many of you put cards on the boards at the back of church in return for a small donation to this charity. You raised the Amazing total of £323! The appeal this Christmas is to Help mothers use their God-given gifts to escape poverty and the money is already on its way to Christian Aid. We know there are others who have given online as well so Thank You to all of you. Janet Squire & Mary Dale


Lent Lunches 2020

Do come and join us for lunch during Lent. Lent offers us a very special chance for a wonderful ecumenical venture in the form of Lunches. They give us the opportunity to share a meal with friends and to make new acquaintances around a simple meal with all the proceeds going to support those who do not share our advantages. On 5 Fridays in Lent a simple meal of homemade soup with a roll or bread followed by tea or coffee will be served at the Methodist Church between 12noon and 1.30pm. This year we will be serving Lent Lunches on February 28th, and March 6th, 13th 20th and 27th. Anyone can join us. There is no charge and all donations will be given to the work of Christian Aid.

Could you volunteer to make soup, to help or to provide rolls for the tables? St Mary’s is running lunches on March 6th and March 20th. If you can, please contact Janet Squire 862582 or Mary Dale 862662. If you are not volunteering to help perhaps you could support us by joining us and asking friends to come too. We look forward to seeing you there. Janet Squire, Mary Dale & the Christian Aid Committee


Keighley Women’s Refuge

St Mary’s Mothers’ Union is again collecting items needed by the refuge. Current requests are for pasta sauces, but not pasta or baked beans!, tea, coffee, long life milk and sugar. Also tins of tuna and instant meals which can be reconstituted with hot water. If you can collect any of these, please contact Pam Sowman 07976125690 or bring to the Parish Office bagged and labelled please. We hope to take items to the Refuge in February.


World Day of Prayer Service

You are all invited to join this year’s World Day of Prayer service, entitled “Rise, take your mat and walk”. The service has been prepared by women in Zimbabwe and they encourage us to reflect on the difficulties and unrest that have plagued their country over many years. They share the challenges they have met and the hopes they have for the future. Katiyo school in Zimbabwe is supported by one of our local Brownie packs and they will be taking part in the service. Please join us at 6.30pm, Friday 6th March at St Mary’s Church to find out more and be part of this world wide day of prayer. Mary Dale