Pentecost – 23 May

Last week we heard about Jesus going back to heaven to be with God. The disciples were left very sad and afraid because Jesus had gone away. When Jesus left his disciples, he promised to send someone to help them. The disciples didn’t know who it would be or when they would come. At Pentecost we think about when that special ‘helper’, the Holy Spirit, came to the disciples.

You will find the story of Pentecost in Acts 2:1 – 41 or you could watch the story by following one of the links below.


The disciples were not able to see the Holy Spirit but they knew it was there and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit came to the disciples as a strong wind. The following activities will allow children to understand that sometimes we can’t see something but we know it is there because we can feel it and see what it does. Just like the disciples could not see the Holy Spirit but they knew it was there.

Hold your hands a little way from your face and blow on them. We can’t see the air coming from our mouths but we can feel in, just like the disciples could feel the Holy Spirit.

If it is a windy day go outside and feel the wind on your face. Look at what the wind is doing to the trees, plants, your hair. We can’t see the wind but we can see what it is doing.

Make a windmill from a square of paper, split pin and straw. Instructions are attached. Watch the windmill move in the wind.

Make a wind spiral. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper or card and decorate. Draw a spiral starting at the centre. Cut along the lines and thread some string through the centre to allow you to hang the spiral up. Watch as the spiral moves in the air.

An example can be seen at this link: click here


Make a flame headband. Cut a strip of paper or card big enough to go around your child’s head. Draw, colour and cut out a flame shape and attach to the front for the head band.

Activity sheets

Prayer time

Action prayer. Repeat the actions for the second verse of the prayer.

Jesus’ friends were lonely and afraid.
(Curl up)

Jesus’ friends were waiting for his help.
(Look around)

Jesus sent his friends the Holy Spirit.
(Begin to stand up)

To make them strong and brave and happy in his love.
(Stretch arms up high)

Sometimes I am lonely and afraid.
Sometimes I am waiting for your help.
Thank you that you sent the Holy Spirit.
To make me strong and brave and happy in your love.

I hope you enjoy finding out about how the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost.