PCC Notes – November 2018

A PCC meeting was held on 13th November 2018

Welcome and introduction

Alastair welcomed us, then gave an overview of his Remembrance Day sermon linking it to a chapter of a book that formed the basis of his recent retreat, All Things New.

Safeguarding course.

Val reminded the PCC to complete the online safeguarding course on the Diocesan website , if possible before attending the course on 3rd December.

Vicar’s Report

Alastair has met with Mark, the pastor at the new Rise Church to welcome him to the village and build ecumenical relations.

REV now meets back at the Parish Centre on the second Friday each month and incorporates the optional extra of REV + which will be Christian in content. It will run from 6.30-8.30, with REV + forming the last half an hour.

Val reported on the Parish Day, where Gordon Dey presented the church ‘course’ he developed known as Jesus Shaped People. The course runs for 15 weeks and encourages everyone in the congregation to look at who Jesus is, how his ministry ‘worked’ and to emulate this. In anticipation of JSP, which encourages small groups, some potential group leaders and hosts have been meeting over the past few months to discuss and plan how these might work.

Congregation Audit

Karen had produced some statistics and observations from her audit of the congregation to encourage us to think about how we could offer our skills, expand our volunteer base, look at what we value and why and to commit to giving more to support what we claim we value.

There were 43 respondents to date.

Offers to volunteer have been passed on to those who organise the various teams or rotas.

As a result of the survey, 2 people asked to start regular giving and 2 increased their giving. Karen has also produced a pledge leaflet, which encourages givers to think of what they would like to commit to giving each year.

Alastair thanked Karen for her time and hard work.

Anyone with outstanding surveys – send them to Karen ASAP!


We must encourage giving and good stewardship. We spoke about using card readers in church, and whilst that would encourage donations at occasional offices or at Tea & Toast, it does not address the concept of committed giving.

Treasurer’s Report

Kevin thanked Duncan for his contribution to this report.

Our share has decreased from £108k to £94,594. This is good news on one level, however, the reason for the decrease is that it reflects the decrease in our giving.

Val requested that we create an item for professional fees. Susan requested we monitor what we pay our staff so that we remain within guidelines.

Church insurance

Val reported that we are now insured in a new package with Ecclesiastical. NB:- If you insure your home with them, they donate £130 to a church of your choice!

Mission Giving

The following mission giving was agreed:-

£1000 Otley Christian Resources Hub

£1000 Western Nepal Disability Trust

£600 Ros Wilkinson (Istanbul)

£250 Inn Churches

£250 McKenzie Friends (part of BEACON)

£200 Cuppa Cake and Company

£300 St Christopher’s, Holmewood.

Fabric Matters

Both boilers are now maintained.

The church lighting was discussed.

A pew will be removed and the gap re-carpeted.

Val and Alastair met with Ruth Cooke to follow up the 2014 stained glass report. Work to the East window is most problematic and would take around 4 months to complete.

The DAC are visiting for an initial discussion on re-ordering.

The meeting ended with the grace.