PCC Notes – January 2019

Notes from the PCC Meeting 8th January 2019

Welcome and Introduction: Alastair spoke about how God revealed himself both to ordinary shepherds and extraordinary magi, linking this with what God might reveal to us this new year. We then took turns to pray for one another.

Vicar’s Report: Together, we reviewed the ‘highs and lows’ of the Christmas season. Highlights included:

• The fellowship, fun and success of an all age involvement of making 800 Christingles together.
• Passing on the Travelling Crib.
• Taking the Advent Candles stall out to the village and into Burley Woodhead school.
• The way in which the crib service has grown.
• The family feeling that came from the all-age Epiphany service.
• There was particular praise for Peter, who worked extremely hard at the music for all the Christmas services, and for his real commitment.

Alastair thanked everyone who was involved in the many Christmas events.

PCC members were encouraged to attend JSP housegroups which begin this January.

Lizzie updated the PCC on her progress within the formal ordination process.

Congregation Audit: Mick reported an increase in membership of some rotas but is still looking for sacristans. Karen announced Paul Rimmington’s offer to take the role of caretaker at the parish centre.

Electoral Roll: 2019 sees us updating our Electoral Roll. Christine Clark will mentor anyone willing to succeed her in this responsibility this year, but would like to retire from this duty.

Reaching and Nurturing Young Families: Alastair circulated an outline of a prospective paid post for a family pastoral outreach worker, which would be funded from newly sourced restricted income; individuals would be encouraged to contribute in addition to their usual giving. Discussion of this role will take place at our next meeting.

Choir: Peter, Alastair and Jennifer will meet to discuss future plans and arrangements for the choir as we move into this new year. This will include a pilot project of joining the boys and girls choirs together.

Fabric Matters: Pews at the back of church have been removed and the exposed boards carpeted over. Gutters have been cleaned and the floodlighting adjusted. Work to the Parish Centre will take place. The DAC and the architect have met to look at our initial thoughts on a proposed re- ordering and we will be given various tasks to complete based on their advice.

Repairs to the East window’s glass and masonry were discussed.

PCC Tonight: The PCC looked at the way meetings were conducted and discussed improvements.

Correspondence: Thank you notes were received from Cuppa Cake, Western Nepal Disability Trust (WNDT) and Ros Wilkinson in response to our mission giving.

AOB: Margaret had a query regarding where to file uncollected material from the 175th exhibition.

The meeting ended with the Grace.