Palm Sunday – 28 March

Welcome to this week’s Sunday School

Today is the start of Holy Week, Palm Sunday. We found out about the events that happened on Palm Sunday at the beginning of Lent. In our journey through Holy Week we have now arrived at Good Friday.

Good Friday can be difficult for children to understand as it is the day that Jesus died but we call it ‘Good Friday’. Older children may wish to reflect on this and the Bible verse from John 3:16 (Good News version) can be helpful. “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.”

As Christians we believe that Jesus died so that we may be forgiven for the things that we do wrong.

You can read the story of Jesus’ death in the Bible, Luke 23:44 – 49.

If you would prefer to watch the story there are several different videos.

The film, ‘The Miracle Maker’ is an animation about the events in Jesus’ life. It is an interesting film to watch as we approach Easter, however, the events of Good Friday begin at 1hr 6mins. The film has a U rating but is more suited to children in KS2 and above.

You can also watch the story of Good Friday on one of the links below. They include Easter Sunday so you may wish to just watch until Jesus is put into the tomb and keep the resurrection until next week.

Lego animation with subtitles:

Lego, watch from 4mins 10 seconds

Beginners Bible, watch from 15mins 10 seconds (This is best for younger children)


Playdough Mat
Use the playdough playdough to make different crosses

Picture Cards
The picture cards can be used to sequence the events of Holy Week. If you are able to print 2 sets of them they can be used to paly a pairs game by placing them picture side down and trying to find the matching pair.
You could also stick them onto card and attach some string or wool and hang them as a decoration, perhaps on some twigs or a branch.
They are also a good way to talk about the events of Holy Week.

Decorate a Cross
Here are instructions for a tape resist cross. If you don’t have any masking tape you could decorate a paper cross.

Make a Cross
How many different ways can you make a cross?
Use Lego; building bricks; old cardboard boxes; lolly sticks; twigs; pebbles; playdough.
As you make the crosses think about how Jesus died to forgive us for the things we do wrong.

Easter Garden
Here are some pictures of Easter Gardens. You could try and make your own. Try and have a stone that you can move away next week on Easter Sunday.

Romero Cross (for older children)
This is an information sheet about the Romero Cross. The Romero Cross is a colourful crucifix. Why not have a go at designing your own Romero Cross that reflects our parish of St Mary’s and our local community.

Paper Plate activities
There is a picture of a tomb to make or the three crosses on the hill. You could place a folded piece of cloth in the tomb or a folded tissue, keep the stone across the entrance until next Sunday.


I hope you are able to find an activity to reflect on the events of Good Friday.