Katiyo Primary School – September 2021

Sharon, Annette and the girls of 1st Burley Brownies would like to thank everyone in the village who continues to support their fundraising for Katiyo Primary School in Zimbabwe. Our 5th annual Bookmark Project charity auction raised just over £11,000, the majority of which we hope will go towards building a nursery classroom at the school and talks have started on drawing up building plans.

We were approached by the school in the spring to help with the building of some new toilet blocks. One of the blocks is being completely funded by us and we are helping to finish a second block that is being partly funded by MercyCorps. As building work has progressed it has become clear that there is more and more that is not funded by MercyCorps!

Unicef purchased new textbooks for the Grade one to six classes at the school but not Grade 7 so we sent £2700 to buy the textbooks needed for the oldest students. They are also supporting the school with a project that will hopefully bring piped water from the nearby Macademia nut estate, but metal stands to raise the water tanks off the ground and protect them from damage were not covered by the project, so we have sent over £2000 to purchase 6 stands.

Zimbabwe is still experiencing lockdown and schools are again closed at the time of writing this (August 2021) there have been a handful of cases of Covid that we are aware of in the Katiyo area. If you would like to make a donation or you would like to order some “church biscuits” – 30p each please drop us an email: slhattersley@gmail.com

Sharon Hattersley