Jesus Shaped People

On November 10th we enjoyed a day of lively teaching and shared food, as Canon Gordon Dey introduced us to Jesus Shaped People. Gordon was vicar of St. Christopher’s, Holmewood for almost 30 years, and developed this course out of years of parish ministry. There was a good cross-section of ages in the morning session, and the first thing we were asked to discuss was ‘What does Jesus mean to us?’ Answers included ‘We’re safe in Him; He brings direction; He takes us out of our comfort zone; His response was always unexpected; a revolutionary; a heart for the marginalized.’

Jesus shunned the temptation to become a powerful king, and instead presented the alternative way of the Kingdom of God – His birth was very lowly, His mother was unmarried, He sought out people on the edge – shepherds, lepers, tax collectors – and His kingship led to the Cross.

A number of families joined us for the afternoon session, in which Gordon explained what Jesus Shaped People would mean in practice. He described it as a whole church discipleship adventure for everyone, young and old, involving a series of home meetings co-ordinated with church services. Gordon also reminded us of the importance of owning and celebrating what members of our congregation are already doing as Jesus’ disciples in the village, in the diocese and overseas; and in his experience, that those outside the church may well be more interested in Jesus than in the church. Jesus reshaped the twelve, and will reshape us, to be the disciples He wants us to be, as a potter shapes a beautiful pot – but the clay has to pliable!

Paul & Irene Fowler

Join us on our Jesus Shaped People Journey!

Jesus is arguably the most inspiring man in history. He has inspired millions of people not only to follow him, but have their lives shaped by his life. Even those of other cultures and religions, like Ghandi, found Jesus an inspirational guru. At St Mary’s, starting on the 27th January, we will be taking a journey together to ask, “How much is my life modelled on the life of Jesus and how are my priorities shaped by his priorities?”

When Jesus calls us and says, follow me, he calls us into an adventure of the heart. We often lose heart, but Jesus calls us back to the heart of the loving Father.

Come and join us at our services on a Sunday or at house group during the week. This is a journey that we embark on together. We would love you to join us.