January 2021

Notes from the PCC Meeting held on Tuesday 12th January, 2021.

Alastair welcomed Jonathan Barber to the PCC.

Matters Arising from Meeting held on 15th November, 2020
An update was given on the people still on furlough:
Jo – Parish Co-Coordinator is now on three quarters
Stacey – Cleaner is now on half
Peter – Organist is on full

Fr. Philip has now left St. Margaret’s Ilkley. The new area Dean of South Craven and Wharfedale is Mike Coe (Vicar of All Saints Ilkley) and his deputy is Helen Collings (Vicar of Sutton with Cowling and Lothersdale)

Duncan confirmed that we have paid our full share to the Diocese.

Vicars Report

Alastair felt that we had a very significant time since our last meeting. St Mary’s contributed to the ‘Switch on’ of the Christmas Lights video. There were over 10,000 views of it.

We put together an array of activities leading up to Christmas. To name a few:-

Sunday school offered wonderful contributions
Playing carols from the Church Steeple
A Christmas trail was enjoyed by children and adults
Reverse Advent – Over 300 boxes went from the Methodist Church to various charities in Bradford and Leeds
The appeal for Manningham made a huge difference, particularly in Girlington
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day had a total of 85 attendees who went to the services at 8.00 and 10.00am
Cakes provided by St. Mary’s were given out mainly to people living alone
1,200 Christingle bags were distributed to people in the street.
There was a Tableau in Open Door
18 Families in need with young children were identified. and through a combination of peoples offering from Church, along with a significant contribution from the Civic Charity, were given a £100 voucher for Aldi, and a few families were given more.

Alastair thanked everyone.

Children and Families Worker: It was unanimously decided to advertise for someone. The position is 24 hours, 3 days per week.

Treasurer and CGS Chair: Duncan is retiring in April. The role involves approximately 4/5 hours a week, which increases slightly towards the APCM. Karen is also retiring from the CGS Chair. We need to think who would be prepared to take on these roles.

Fabric/redecoration: Val is aiming to get estimates to look at the plasterwork which needs attention before the decorating can be completed. The gutters were cleared before Christmas