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Ladies Group and Mothers' Union Evening Meetings - April to August 2014

All meetings at 8pm in St Mary's Parish Centre unless shown otherwise.

3rd 'Contemporary Floristry' - Lizzie Reynolds

1st 'Street Angels in Skipton' - Sylvia Robinson
14th MU visit from Shelf MU
15th Ladies Group AGM
29th Ascension Day Service and supper - 7.30pm St Mary's Church

5th Out for a meal - details later

Mothers' Union Afternoon Meetings

All meetings at 2pm in St Mary's Parish Centre unless shown otherwise.

9th 'Iona' - Joyce Godwood

11th 'A Chaplain's Perspective' - Rev Sue Shrine
19th MU Outing - details later

2nd Strawberry Teas - 2.30pm St Mary's Parish Centre
9th MU AGM - Guest Speaker Janet Wade

9th Mary Sumner Day - Tea & Chat - details later



With Easter falling late this year, we have just one April meeting, "Contemporary Floristry" with Lizzie Reynolds, on 3rd April, at 8.00pm in Parish Centre. 

Sylvia Robinson will be explaining the work of Street Angels in Skipton on 1st May. Street Angels is an award-winning group organized and led by local churches. Volunteers are a friendly presence on the streets every Saturday evening between 9.00pm and 2.00am to ensure the streets are safe for everyone. 

I am also giving advance notice of our A.G.M. 15th May, to give everyone time to be inspired with new ideas for next year’s programme. 

Lynne Robinson

Tel: 01943 862009

At the meeting on 20 March, we had a demonstration of 'Easter Delights' by Sharon from Fanticy Cakes & Decoration of Skipton, followed by a have-a-go session when we all tried making Creme Egg Easter chicks. Many of them did not look much like chicks but we had a lot of fun and the prize for the best one was won by Karen Wheelhouse.



At the March meeting we began with the following extract from a reflection by Kathy Galloway of the Iona Community... 

Think of a time when you saw that the world is beautiful…
Think of a sunset over the hills, or sunrise over a sleeping city.
Think of a running river, or stars shining on a dark sea.
Think of light flashing on a puddle, or of geraniums growing in a window-box.
Think of a time when you saw that the world is beautiful
– and give thanks. 

Think of a time when your spirit was refreshed…
Think of a song that moved you to tears, or of a prayer that inspired you to act.
Think of laughter shared with friends, or the care of your family.
Think of a stranger who made you feel welcome, or of someone who said “I love you”.
Think of a time when your spirit was refreshed
– and give thanks. 

The world belongs to the Lord,
Think of the Maker
 – and give thanks. 

The meeting, entitled “Memory Box”, gave us all the opportunity to bring an item which held special memories for us and to share those memories with the members.

There were photographs of a special visit to Jerusalem by MU members and others of various outings. We were told of a hat and its owner which endured a very rough crossing of the English Channel and of another hat which was made by the mother of a member, who was a milliner. There were items of jewellery, some traditional kitchen scales and many more – all had a story to tell!

The afternoon was interesting and amusing – rather like an amateur edition of the Antiques Road Show! 

Doris Followell

Dates for your Diary:

Thu 3 April, 8pm, Parish Centre: “Contemporary Floristry” Lizzie Reynolds

Wed 9 April, 2pm, Parish Centre: “Iona” Joyce Godwood.

Tue 29 April, 8pm, MUms & Co: “Things children ask!”

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