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PCC Report

A meeting was held on Tuesday January 13th in a very cold Church Lounge!

1) Alastair welcomed all to the meeting and began with readings from George Fox the founder of Quakerism who is remembered by the Anglican church today. This was followed by a prayer.
2) Vicar’s Report
a) Recruitment of a new head for Burley & Woodhead is underway. Closing date for applications is Friday 16th January and interviews 5th and 6th February. Please pray for those making the decision including Alastair and Mark Selby (Chair of Governors) who will both be on the panel.
b) The new Bishop of Bradford is to make a Deanery visit between 8th and 12th February. He will stay in the parish, staying with Val for 2 nights and in Addingham Moorside for 2 nights. He will be in Burley on Wednesday morning and there will be a Deanery Eucharist on Thursday 12th Feb at St Margaret’s Ilkley to which everyone is invited.
c) Lent Courses – Alastair wants to have Lent Groups and asked for volunteers to either host, lead or be part of one. 

3) Youth Worker
It was agreed at Standing and Finance to appoint Ellie Steer as a Youth Worker (6 hour/week) on a temporary basis until the summer. Alastair will be working alongside Ellie this term with REV. 

4) Treasurers Report
David presented the proposed budget for next year. This will be a deficit budget if we are to increase our Share payment to £107,000. (There is a proposed Gift Day to raise an estimated £8,000 for the new toilet.)
Therefore CGS giving will need to increase to meet this deficit if reserves are not to be dipped into. Currently the average giving at St Marys is £9 per person per week this compares with a Bradford average of £10/person/week. It was agreed that there should be a CGS campaign to achieve nearer to £11/person/week.
The budget was agreed by all.
A surplus of £750 was made in 2014. After some discussion it was agreed that we would keep to our pledge of the previous meeting to increase our share payment to the diocese for 2014 by £3,000.

There is to be a PCC away day on 31st January at Parceval Hall 10am – 4pm. The theme of the day will be ‘Vision for St Mary’s: where are we going?’ 

The meeting ended with the Grace

Karen Selby


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