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PCC Notes

A meeting was held on Thursday 13th November chaired for the first time by Alastair. 

Alastair welcomed all to the meeting and began with a prayer in which we remembered Susan Steer whose funeral was to be the following day and in particular prayed for Ellie, Tim and Ben.
Vicar’s Report

Alastair had a list of things for the PCC’s attention:-

a) Julie Speight the head of Burley and Woodhead School is to retire at the end of this school year. The parents have been informed and the Governors are in the process of recruiting a new head.

b) Harvest gifts were given to the homeless project in Manningham and were received with thanks. Paul Wheelhouse hopes to spend some time with the project in the near future.

c) Baptisms – Alastair is encouraging parents to have baptism services in the main Sunday morning service in church. There are 5 more in the next 3 months.

d) Dinner Evenings at the Vicarage – the first one went well and Sara and Alastair are looking forward to welcoming as many as possible.

e) Bishop Toby – was consecrated at York and then welcomed in Bradford recently. Alastair asked for the PCC’s prayers for him and his family who have had to stay in London for children’s schooling.

f) Mencap Leeds are to hold a charity concert in church on 13th December.

g) Alastair would like to organise a family away day early next summer possibly at Scargill House.

h) Parking- Alastair noted the lack of disabled parking around church. He asked about the space around the pudding tree. Margaret thought that this was private property but volunteered to ring the highways department and make enquiries. Susan Collins asked people to visit the library to look at plans for the village of which one option includes parking provision for the church.

i) Rotas – what a lot of them!! Alastair asked for ideas to streamline them. Enid volunteered (yes you did Enid!!) to give this some thought.

j) Sunday School- this issue needs some serious thought. We now have 30+ young people in church each week most at Tea&Toast@10.
Challenges include:-
i) More volunteers needed in church
ii) T+T only has one children’s group with too wide an age range
iii) Material at T+T is not from a set scheme and this makes it more onerous on volunteers
It was thought that this could be a subject for discussion at our PCC away day.
Notes from Standing and Finance

Mission giving summary for this year was circulated. This was proposed by Alastair seconded by David and agreed by all. Alastair wants the PCC and congregation to have more ownership of our mission giving by way of regular prayers and information updates. 

Treasurer’s Report

David presented the accounts for Jan to Sept. with a comparison to the previous 2 years.  Alastair thanked David. He then proposed that since we will have a surplus at the end of the year that we should pay £3,000 more towards our Share. This was seconded by Kelvin and agreed by all. It was hoped that in 2016 the new Diocese will calculate the share differently resulting in a more achievable figure for us. 

Complementary Festival Ilkley

PCC paid for the stall which was manned by Paul and Karen, Janet, Enid and Lizzie. There was much interest throughout the weekend and they have been invited back in April. This would require the support of PCC with funding (£165). This was proposed by Paul seconded by Margaret and agreed by all. 

Next PCC – 13th January 8pm

The meeting finished with the Grace 

Karen Selby


Mission Giving at St Mary’s

For many years it has been an important tradition for St Mary’s to be donating some of its income towards the mission of the Church elsewhere. 

It is so important to look outside ourselves and to remember the needs of others. Some will recollect that we raised £750 for our link Diocese in Sudan at my Collation service. However, I thought many would be interested to know that the PCC have recently decided to give £4000 to support organisations both in the UK and abroad (see the list below).

Bibles for CofE schools - £400
Burley-Tereli Friendship Trust - £500
Christians in Iraq - £300
Christian Aid - £300
Church Army - £300
Church of the Resurrection, Istanbul - £500
Church Mission Society - £300
Jess Haymes (towards her internship in the US) - £100
Peace Centre in Jerusalem - £300
West Nepal Disability Trust - £1000

Total - £4000

Most of these organisations are close to our heart as a Church community,
especially our growing link with the Church of the Resurrection in Istanbul,
following the news that our reader Ros will be ordained to work there next
April. It is exciting to be involved in such initiatives and it is important and
symbolic that the Church as a whole gives generously.


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