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APCM Notes

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) was held in church on Sunday 27th April. After a short act of worship the meeting commenced with Paul Wheelhouse chairing.

The meeting was preceded by the Annual Vestry Meeting, where Nigel Cottam and Paul Evans were voted to continue as our Church Wardens for the coming year.

At the APCM:-

  • Christine Clark reported on the Electoral Roll. We now have 224 members on the roll. Prayers were then offered followed by a few moments silence, for those members of our congregation who have died in the past year.
  • David Eldridge reported on Finances. The church had managed to achieve a neutral budget for last year but the PCC had expressed sadness that once again it had not been able to pay our Share in full to the diocese.
  • The churchwardens reported on the Fabric. In several areas of the external walls dampness was evident. Reference was made to the state of our stained glass windows which were to be inspected shortly. The report on this would identify work required in the short and long term.
  • Following the creation of our new diocese, our new, perhaps temporary deanery is the Ilkley Deanery and includes the churches in Menston, Burley, Ilkley and
  • PCC elections took place. There were six nominations received and elected (L Nelson, K Selby, E Feather, D Watts, C Butland for 3 years and S Collins for 2 years).
  • Deanery Synod reps were also elected. They are Dennis Warwick, Janet Squire, Kelvin Newberry and Val James.
  • The annual report was accepted.
  • The Open Questions raised 2 points: the possibility of a 2nd toilet in church; lighting in church. Discussions regarding both are ongoing at the PCC and updates will be made in future PCC notes, available in the Parish Magazine.
  • Thanks were given to many throughout the meeting but mostly to Paul Wheelhouse, Paul Evans and Nigel Cottam for all their hard work during the interregnum.

The meeting ended with words from Revd. Paul Wheelhouse and a prayer.


PCC Notes –Thursday 8th May 2014

The meeting was opened with a welcome and prayer. Paul Evans welcomed new members of the PCC (Enid, Linda and Karen), re-elected members (Duncan and Clare) and Deanery reps (Val, Janet, Dennis and Kelvin). He informed the meeting that Paul Wheelhouse is on leave at the moment for personal reasons but would be back soon. 

Matters arising from the APCM 
Toilet: It was acknowledged that it is desirable to have a second toilet in church. The main problems are the differing levels in church and drainage. It was felt the most favourable possible location was the current crèche area. It was decided that a builder would be asked to look into possible sites to assess the work.
Lighting: The cost of maintaining lighting has been much reduced due to hiring a different electrician. There are still concerns about burn marks around the spotlights which blow frequently. It was agreed to investigate the cost of replacing the current lighting system with the view to using a more flexible system and
with lower running costs. 

Interregnum update 
1. Alastair and Sara will be moving to the village in August, with Alastair’s Institution & Induction Service held in church on Sept 4th. 
2. There is much work to be done at the vicarage and the diocese has agreed to do the following: re-roof, modify the en-suite units, new bath, re-decorate, security lighting outside and refurbish the kitchen units. Nigel and Paul have asked the diocese to let them know when work is to be carried out. 
3. There are other improvements necessary for which the PCC had already budgeted. It is hoped that this work can be co-ordinated with the work the diocese carries out in order to save on labour costs. 
4. Kelvin asked for it to be noted that he felt the length of time from interviews to the announcement being made was long and discourteous to the PCC. He suggested this might be fed back to the diocese.

Nominations for Standing and Finance Committee
This group consists of the vicar, wardens, treasurer, secretary and 2 others. Bob Wilson and Peter Crossley served last year and would continue. Susan Collins was appointed PCC secretary and Karen Selby was appointed minutes secretary. 

Tour de France
The Parish Council would like details of planned activities by different groups. Chris agreed he would report back to the Parish Council on all the plans for church and the Centre.

World War 1 Anniversary
St Mary’s Singers are to do a service in July.
There was poppy planting at the end of last week’s service.
Dennis informed everyone of a WWI scrap book on display in the library. 

Treasurer’s Report 
1. David presented a report for the first 3 months of the year. Income was £30,700, expenditure £29,700 but, taking into account Share payments to be sent, we are, in fact, cost neutral. 
2. He had looked at our investments, as requested. He found that higher interest accounts mean a higher risk which may not be acceptable to the PCC. He is to continue looking. 
3. He had received a letter of thanks from Jess Haymes for the PCC donation to her funds for the Diocese Exchange. 
4. Duncan reported that we had budgeted for £18,000 tax refund but, due to renewal of all tax declarations this year, we should be due £25,000. This is still to be confirmed officially.  

Paul Wheelhouse had sent 2 ideas through Paul for the PCC’s consideration:-
. To replace the prayer board in church
. To deliver a card to each household for whom we pray each week so that they know that they are in our prayers and so people may make personal requests for our prayers. It was agreed that this sounded like a good idea and would be an agenda item at the next meeting.
. A letter from the Deanery called ‘Hope for the Future’ included a draft letter for people to send to their MP regarding climate change. He will send a copy of the letter to anyone interested. 

The meeting finished with a prayer and the Grace.

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