How to spend your 90th Birthday

What’s it like to be 90? In my opinion, so far, pretty wonderful! Over 50 cards are on display, colourful plants and flowers adorn all downstairs rooms, with more to plant outside. Family have visited me from near and far, the last contingent having departed at 5am today.

The first activity was a walking group picnic in my back garden, with a short walk included. Celebrations took place in Open Door – all too briefly due to timing pressure of above planned walk, and (rather more leisurely) in church.

An 8 mile walk has taken place in the Washburn Valley, with physical support in difficult spots from two of my sons. Granddaughter and daughter have given practical help and support at home, and grandson in Shrewsbury managed to fit in a visit.

On the downside, family have persuaded me, mostly on safety grounds, to give up driving – not an easy decision for me to accept. But I have always made good use of public transport. In London I have seen business men using children’s size scooters, which they can carry around. Perhaps I should set a trend here in Burley; although the hills might be a challenge.

I still have one birthday treat to look forward to – morning coffee and scones at Betty’s in Ilkley with two friends who date back to dramatic society activities 70 years ago at a chapel dram. soc. in Wibsey (Bradford).

In conclusion – if you see a pathetic old woman trying to ‘thumb a lift’ in some remote rural spot – take pity on her. It might be me!

Jacquie Briggs

P.S. And I know that I am lucky to live in Burley-in-Wharfedale, such a supportive community.