Sunday 4 October

Harvest Celebration.

At this time of year Christians celebrate harvest to thank God for all the good things given to them. This makes them want to share with others who are not so fortunate.

A song – Harvest Samba

The parable of the sower from Matthew’s gospel

Jesus celebrated harvest but as part of a larger Jewish festival called Suddot or the Feast of Tabernacles or Shelters. Find out more about this in the video. It was the custom to go to the temple in Jerusalem to celebrate this feast, read about Jesus going in John chapter 7. Jews still celebrate this feast and will be doing this weekend. Lego video – click  Here

Food activities – help make soup, popcorn or a fruit salad.

Garden search – look for seeds on fading flowers, eg nasturtiums, marigolds. Collect, then plant them for next year.

Creative ideas:
Make an animal out of fruit and veg
Seed shakers
Collages with leaves
Make a funny face on a tub then plant cress seeds and wait for green hair to grow

Harvest Word search – Click Here

Can you name a fruit or vegetable for each letter of the alphabet?

Write a harvest prayer to say at a harvest supper with your family.

Sunday 27 September

27th September – Sunday School

Over the next few weeks we will be basing our Sunday School activities around the song ‘Giant of Faith’. Each week, apart from next week when it is Harvest, we will look at one of the ‘Giants of Faith’.

You can listen to the song here: Giant of Faith

This week we will be learning about Moses when he was a baby.

You can watch the story of Moses using one of the links below, or find it in a children’s Bible in the book of Exodus. The links are from You Tube so please be aware they sometimes come with adverts.

Here are some activities that you might like to try.

Here there are 2 colouring pictures and a maze: Moses colouring activities

Baby Moses was left on the river by his mother. Spend some time thinking about who keeps us safe and ask God to keep others safe.Moses’ mother made a basket to keep him safe on the river. You could try paper weaving. You will need 2 different colours of paper, one cut into horizontal strips and one into vertical strips (it is easier if these strips are joined at the top). Don’t make the strips too thin or it will take a long time to weave. Weave the paper together. Older children could write prayers on the paper strips and the time spent weaving could be a quiet time of reflection and prayer. Moses’ mother trusted God just as we should trust him. Prayer is our way of talking to God. We can thank him for things that are going well and ask for his help with things that are difficult.We can thank him for keeping us safe and ask that he keeps others safe.

You could also have a go at turning your weaving into a basket. Instructions can be found here

Easter Sunday School Pack

Holy Week!

This is a quick Guide:

  • Palm Sunday – Sunday before Easter. Celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Observed with palm branches, parades and celebration.
  • Maundy Thursday – Thursday before Easter. Commemorates the Last Supper. Often observed with foot washing, stripping of the alter, and overnight prayer vigil to keep watch with Jesus in the garden of gethsemane.
  • Good Friday – Friday before Easter. Most solemn day of the church year. Observes the day that Jesus was crucified. Observed by praying the Stations of the Cross and three hours of silent prayer while Jesus was on the cross.
  • Holy Saturday – Saturday before Easter. Observes the day Jesus was in the tomb. This is a day of sombre reflection, reflecting on what we’d miss in a world without Jesus.
  • Easter Sunday – Hallelujah! Christ has risen! This day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Sing hallelujahs and celebrate with great joy.

With Holy Week in mind, each day I will be sending out activities, prayers and thoughts to you all. This will see us all through Holy Week, so we can all celebrate in Jesus’ resurrection together in a weeks time! Even through this dark and confused time, Jesus can still be the light for us all! Please take the time to look at the daily activities.

Also, as most of your young ones will be getting eggs or something like this, I encourage you to do an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday! I have attached a sheet to this email, that has tokens that represent certain things in the Easter Story that run up to Jesus’ resurrection. Throughout the week, I suggest that over the week you all collect something that represents each token and put them with one egg on their egg hunt to bring them all together; this way they can put the East Story together. Just a thought!

Alongside this, there is a daily prayer live on Facebook at 4pm, and daily reflections that you are all welcome to at 7pm. There is also a group of Facebook called Praying in Burley, that we would love you all the be part of, to share prayers with each other. If you would like more details about this, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with myself or Alastair.

Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday!

The Lost Sheep

The Lost Sheep

It is another Sunday in Lock down and our Sunday School team have put together another pack for you! This week is all about The Lost Sheep.

Below is a little story for you the enjoy!

Following this, Paul and Irene have a song they want to teach you, found in this link below:

Annette has a bible reading for you, she has shared it on our Facebook group a few days ago!

Following this we have some activities for you, given to us by Lizzie!

Sheep buns – they will quickly get lost in your tummy!

Just coat a bun in icing sugar and stick on mini marshmallows and a chocolate button to make a sheepy treat. This could work with biscuits, too.

Sheep Mask!

All you need to make this mask is a paper plate, paper, glue and cotton wool balls

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the Book of Daniel!

Find the story told by our fabulous Sunday School Teacher Paul! Paul’s video inspired this weeks pack!

He has also videoed himself showing you a little song with some actions!

And with this, Lizzie has given us a lovely little painting activity to do!
Draw some paper people shapes, then cut them out. Place them onto a piece of paper (maybe blu-tak them down) and paint or colour round and over them in flame colours. Remove your paper people and see the result – looks like the shapes Nebuchadnezzar saw in his fiery furnace! See the little example below!

✨If you enjoyed this, please let us know! We’d love to know and see how you get on! ✨

Another Forest Church!

This week for Sunday School whether its rainy or sunny… get your wellies on and be back into nature! Take your family into nature, whether that be a field, a forest or the seaside!In general, simple is good. It is all too easy to over complicate to the point where there isn’t enough space and time for engagement with nature and God so start with a little prayer. This may be familiar to those that did our last Forest Church Session!

As we gather in this Place – God is here

Praise him in this outdoor space – God is here

Down the valleys, up the hills – God is here

Praise him all you flying birds – God is here

Praise him all you digging worms – God is here

Praise him all you lofty trees – God is here

Praise him bettles, bugs and bees – God is here

Praise him clouds, and sun, and rain – God is here

All creation sings God’s praise – God is here

We join in that praise and say – God is here.

Biblical resources for those that want them for reference.

· Jesus’ many nature parables, the way Jesus uses insight from the natural world to teach of God. We can follow Jesus’ example in hearing God’s voice in the natural world.

· Nature Psalms eg Psalm 19· Job 12.7-10 Creation teaches us about God

· Col 1.15-23 All creation is held in Christ, all creation is redeemed by the cross, not just humanity.

· Romans 8.18-25 All creation waiting to be liberated into the fullness in God that we hope for.

· John 3.16 remembering that the ‘world’ that God loves is the cosmos, not individual human beings.

· Old Testament theology of the land.

These activities today are to really appreciate nature for the brilliance that it is and the appreciate God’s creation.
The first activity in a Summer Scavenger Hunt:Head to the woods on a summer’s day and look out for…

  • Brightly coloured wild flowers
  • fluffy dandelion clocks
  • nibbled leaves
  • a soft feather
  • spotty ladybirds
  • a four leaf clover

Take a pen and pencil and draw what you see or better yet try and collect what you find and bring it home – maybe leave the ladybirds where they are happy! When you collect these different things try and think of one thing that you like about them. (Colour, smell etc).


You will need a small box or match box for this activity:You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for this activity. Hunt for really small things you can fit into a matchbox. Collect little leaves, blades of grass, small snail shells, tiny twigs, feathers and pebbles. Turn it into a competition with your family – who can fit the most items inside their box?You can take a magnifying glass on your scavenger hunt to help children to investigate their finds. Can they see intricate patterns, subtle colour changes and interesting textures? All these little details make them individually made in the way that God intended, just like you and you’re family! Take a minute to really look at the details and what makes it individual.Everything you see, touch or smell really try and appreciate them for what they are and how God created them – just like he created you! Take the time to be a part of nature and feel God’s presence there. And as you’re in nature and coming to a close on your family adventure say this little prayer:As we leave this place may we breathe in and take this peace with us.As we leave this place may we breathe in and take this beauty with us.As we leave this place may we breathe in and take you with us Jesus into this day.Thanks be to you for speaking to us through your amazing creation.Amen.Us all at Sunday School hope you enjoy this week! There a few songs attached if you want a good sing-a-long aimed at the younger ones:

Forest Church

Forest Week!

This week is Forest Church. As we can’t do this in groups, we can do it in families. I have attached a small little guide to this weeks Sunday School and I really hope feel how sacred nature is during this week.

I know we are having some interesting weather, so if today turns out to be rainy, so this on another day. But, please take time with your family to really connect.

We have also added a little extra fun, inspired by our Sunday School Teacher Mary! We have added a BIG BUBBLE RECIPE! Here is Mary’s recipe:

– 6 cups water

– half a cup of a good thick washing up liquid

– half a cup of cornflour

– 1 tablespoon baking powder

– Can be mixed the night before

– Use wire coat hangers or shape some wire for blowers for really big bubbles or any normal type will do.

You could do this before or after your Forest Church Experience or on any day this coming week!