Sunday 7 March

Jesus has his feet anointed. 

Hello and welcome to Sunday School. I hope you are all happy and well.

Today we are going to look at the story of when Jesus had his feet anointed by Mary. This story looks at how Mary, Lazarus’s sister, poured very expensive oil on Jesus’s feet. The Disciples were very upset as they thought Mary had wasted the oil. But Mary was actually showing that by using the oil, Jesus deserves to be honoured and worshiped and was special to her. Just like when we do something kind for our friends or family, we are showing them that they are very special to us. If I were to ask you to name your most prized possession, what would it be? To some of you, it might be a special toy that you have had from being a baby or it might be a special doll or souvenir.  If a friend or family member came to visit you in your home, would you give your special toy or possession to that friend to show your love? That is what Mary did in our Bible story today. 

The story is below along with some YouTube stories about Jesus having his feet anointed for you to watch afterwards. There are also some fun activities attached for you to try at home. I hope you have fun today learning all about Jesus and being kind to our friends and family.  

The Story of Jesus having his feet anointed. 

Jesus Was Anointed – Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:1-8 

The time was coming to celebrate the Passover. Every year, the Jewish people gathered together to remember a special event that happened long ago. When God’s people were slaves in Egypt, God did great things to rescue His people. God showed the pharaoh that He is in charge, and the pharaoh let God’s people go. God had used Moses to lead His people out of Egypt and to the promised land, God did not want the people to forget that time, so every year, the Jews had a feast. Many Jews travelled to Jerusalem to get ready for the special time. 

Six days before the Passover feast began, Jesus went to the town of Bethany. Bethany was near Jerusalem and Jesus’ friend Lazarus lived there with his sisters, Mary and Martha. Lazarus was the man Jesus had raised from the dead. 

Jesus went to his friend Simon’s house for a meal. Jesus was reclining at the table when Mary, Lazarus’ sister, came to Him. She had a jar of very expensive oil. The oil smelled good, like a perfume. Mary broke open the jar and poured the oil on Jesus’ feet

Jesus’s disciples were very upset! They thought Mary had wasted the expensive oil. The oil was worth 300 denarii – about a year’s pay. One of the disciples, Judas Iscariot, said, “She could have sold the oil for a lot of money, and then she could have given the money to the poor!” Judas did not say this because he cared about the poor, he said it because he loved money.  

They told Mary that she had done the wrong thing, but Jesus spoke up. “Leave her alone”, He said “She has done a very good thing for me.” 

Then Jesus explained, “You will always have people around you who are poor, but you will not always have me.” 

Jesus said this because he knew that it was only a few days before he would be crucified and buried. I don’t know if Mary knew or not, but I do think that Mary wanted to give Jesus the very best that she had to show her love for him. That perfume was the very best thing that Mary had to offer.  

Jesus has given us the most wonderful gift imaginable- the gift of everlasting life.   

Jesus said that wherever the gospel was told in the whole world, people would also hear about Mary and what she had done.  

Christ Connection: Pouring the very expensive oil on Jesus was not a waste, it was worship. By allowing Mary to anoint Him, Jesus showed that He is more valuable than anything. Jesus knew He would soon die for sinners, be buried, and rise from the dead on the third day. 

YouTube videos

For younger children:

 For older children:  


Heavenly Father, Jesus gave his life to show his love for us. May we also give our lives in service to him as an expression of our love. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. 

A prayer for My Friend 

God, thank you for my friend. You tell us that it is not good to be alone, God, and bless us with family and friends all around us. Thank you for giving us people to talk to and laugh with. I pray for my friend today, that they have a good day and a blessed life. They are a blessing to me, God, when I need them the most.  Just like Jesus is to me. Help me to be kind like Jesus. To be a good friend to others and spread his love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 



Mary anointed Jesus’s feet – Sing God’s Word ( 

15 Kids Worship Songs (with Video) | Ministry-To-Children ( 

Sunday 21 February

Hello and welcome to Sunday School on the 21st February, this week is the first Sunday of Lent. I hope everyone is happy and well today!  For the next part of this term we are going to be looking at the events that lead us up to Easter. This is called Holy week. 

Today we are going to look at the story of Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Holy week. You will find the story for you to read below along with two links to YouTube Palm Sunday stories (the Lego one is lots of fun for younger children!).  The story is about Jesus’s last trip to Jerusalem where people laid out green palms from the trees in front of Jesus. 

There are some fun and easy Palm Sunday makings and songs for you to try at home. I hope you have fun and enjoy learning all about Palm Sunday. 

The story of Palm Sunday is told in the Gospel of Matthew, book 21, chapters 1-17 (Matthew 21:1-17).  

1) The gospel tells the story of Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. 

2) Jesus understood that, following God’s plan, this was to be his last trip into Jerusalem  

3) People laid down palms in front of him as a sign of honour. 

4) Jesus’ actions including sending disciples ahead for a donkey and his response to the priests was to point out that what was happening was part of God’s promise. 

The Palm Sunday Story 

Rebekah and Simon were helping their mother unpack the special food that she’d bought at the market for their Passover meal later in the week. The fruit and nuts smelt delicious, and the children could hardly wait for Thursday night to come. 

Suddenly their dad stood up and hurried to the window. ‘What are those men doing with our donkey?’ he said. Flinging open the door, he yelled out to the people outside, ‘Who said you could untie that animal? Bring it back right now!’ 

Rebekah could just hear their reply: ‘It’s all right. The Lord needs it. You’ll have your donkey back by the end of the day.’ 

‘The Lord? You mean Jesus of Nazareth? Is he in town again?’ 

‘Yes, he’ll be in Jerusalem for Passover. He’s going up there now, just to have a look around.’ 

‘Well, OK, take the donkey, of course. But tell Jesus to be gentle with her. She’s never been ridden before.’  

‘Can you imagine Jesus doing her any harm?’ laughed the man. ‘See you later.’ 

Simon and Rebekah looked at each other. They’d heard amazing stories about Jesus of Nazareth, but they’d never seen him for real. ‘Can we go?’ Simon asked, breathlessly. 

‘What, with the donkey?’ said their mother. ‘Yes, I suppose so. If we trust Jesus with her, I guess we can trust him with you. Hurry up, then. They’ll be gone!’ 

The children skipped out of the house and ran to catch up with the two men. It was a bit of a walk up the hill to where Jesus himself was waiting, on the Mount of Olives. Simon and Rebekah hung back when they saw him, feeling shy, but Jesus said, ‘You’ve brought some friends, then, Philip?’ and held out his hands to them. 

Before long, the children felt as if they’d known him for ever. They watched as Jesus stroked their donkey’s head and sat carefully on her back. Then the whole party—Jesus on the donkey, his twelve disciples, Simon and Rebekah—set off down the other side of the hill, towards Jerusalem. 

As they walked down the stony road, more children caught sight of the little procession and ran to join it. A few grown-ups came over to see what the children were doing, and when they saw Jesus, they tagged on to the group as well. By the time they reached the valley and started climbing yet another hill, crowds of people were starting to gather by the side of the road. 

Suddenly, Simon heard someone call out, ‘The prophecy! Remember the prophecy! Our king is coming to us, riding on a donkey! He’s the king, the Son of David!’ At once, a great shout went up: ‘Hosanna to the Son of David! Hosanna to the King of kings!’  

People reached up to the tall palm trees round about and ripped off whole branches, waving them in the air as they sang praises to God. Others threw their coats on the ground to make a soft carpet for the little donkey to walk on, and everyone was dancing and cheering.  

Rebekah loved parties, and she didn’t want this one ever to end. But then she looked up and gasped as she caught a first sight of the great city of Jerusalem, its whitewashed buildings shining in the sunlight. ‘Wow! I never realised how beautiful it is,’ she whispered. 

At last they were at the gate to the city. Jesus climbed down from the donkey and handed her back to Simon. ‘Thank your parents for lending her to me,’ he said. Rebekah pulled on his sleeve. ‘Are you really going to be our king?’ she asked. 

Jesus put his hand on her head and smiled. ‘One day very soon,’ he said, and walked through the gate into the jostling crowd. 

Palm Sunday You Tube Videos 

For older children 

Lego Palm Sunday story for younger children 

Palm Sunday Prayer 

Dear Jesus, we thank you! You did not enter your holy city Jerusalem on the back of a war horse, but humbly and on a donkey. You knew that you were surrounded by enemies, yet you came in peace. 

We pray today that your kingdom may truly come so that your people can live in peace. Watch over us this Holy week and draw us nearer to yourself in faith, hope and love. Amen.  

Here are some Palm Sunday Activities for you to download:


Here are some songs to sing with children to celebrate Palm Sunday: 

  1. The Concordia Publishing House offers an array of free Palm Sunday song downloads for kids including ‘Celebrate Jesus! At Easter’
  2. YouTube offers a karaoke style ‘Hosanna‘ song complete with music and lyrics. 
  3. Worship Workshop offers ‘Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah‘ for download to play for kids on Palm Sunday. 
  4. On Vimeo, you can watch and sing along with the song ‘From Us.‘ 

Sunday 14 February

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and looking forward to your half term break.

This week we are going back to Jesus’ life. Do you remember that the last time we heard about Jesus he was 12 years old and had stayed behind in Jerusalem to talk and listen to the the teachers in the synagogue?

The Bible doesn’t tell us any more about his childhood and we can only presume that he stayed in Nazareth with his parents learning to be a carpenter like his father. What we do know is that Jesus was well known in his village and must have gone to the synagogue regularly.

So what happens next?

18 years have passed, Jesus is now 30 years old. The people are stilled ruled by the Romans and they are pretty fed up with the situation. Some people remembered that in their scriptures the prophets talked about God sending someone to deliver them, a Messiah , so when Jesus’ cousin came on the scene talking about the kingdom of God and urging people to repent (say sorry) for all they had done wrong and to show they were truly sorry by being baptised the people were excited and flocked to hear John and be baptised in the river Jordan.

It was at this point that Jesus must have known that God was telling him it was time for him to start the work God had sent him to do. So Jesus went to the river Jordan where John was and asked to be baptised.

John wasn’t sure about this, he recognised Jesus as the person God had sent him to tell the Jews about.He felt it should be Jesus baptising him but Jesus insisted so John gave in and baptised Jesus by dipping him in the river Jordan. As he came up out of the water something special happened, “ heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove and a voice came from heaven saying “ you are my Son whom I love , with you I am well pleased”

This must have confirmed for Jesus that this was indeed the right time for him to start the work God had given him to do and John must have been reassured that he had done the right thing in baptising Jesus.

After this we are told that Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness where he spent 40 days being tempted by the devil.

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Lent lasts for 40 days reminding us of the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness. We are encouraged to use this time thinking about Jesus, what he taught us about God’s kingdom and how we need to say sorry(repent) for the times we don’t act as he wants us to.

Now grab your Bibles and become detectives:

How do we know that Jesus had studied and learnt verses from his scriptures?

Luke chapter 4 verses 4, 8 and 12. Also verses16 to 21.

What did God say to Jesus?

Matthew chapter 3 verse 17

Who was John the Baptist?

Luke chapter 1 verses 7 to 65.

What did he say when Jesus asked to be baptised?

Matthew chapter 3 verses 13 to15.

What happened to John when he told Herod his behaviour was wrong?

Luke chapter 3 verses 19 and 20.

You might like to watch the story of Jesus’ Baptism at the following link:

If you enjoy crafts you might like to make a dove. You could use paper, card, a paper plate or even draw around your hand. There are some ideas below.

Image result for jesus' baptism craft ideas
Image result for jesus' baptism craft ideas
Image result for paper plate doves

You could try an origami dove – click here

Image result for jesus' baptism craft ideas

There is a spinner you can make:

There is also a wordsearch, a crossword, an anagrams and a colouring sheet.

Sunday 7 February

Welcome to Sunday School for the 7th February

Last week you were encourage to think and pray thankfully. I know for me the snow on Tuesday made me smile and be thankful. Today we are going to think about saying sorry in our prayers and also asking Jesus for help, please prayers.

In the Bible we learn about forgiveness. The parable of the Prodigal Son is one way that Jesus teaches about forgiveness. From the story we understand that we are all part of God’s family, we are his children and that he will love us and forgive us no matter what we do. We need to be able to say we are sorry to God and Jesus for the things that we do wrong. You might like to read the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible, Luke 15:11 – 32. You can also watch the story from the following link.

We are also able to ask God and Jesus for help with things or for his blessing on people, please prayers. There are some ways below to think about how we might pray for others.


Bubble Prayers
Blow bubbles, watch as they float up, ask God to help with our worries or ask his forgiveness for something we have done wrong. As the bubbles pop remember that God takes away our worries and forgives us.
Blow bubbles and pop a bubble for each prayer said.

Forgiveness Washing
Write on a stone with chalk what you want to say sorry for. Wash the stone in water to wash away the writing. Like with the bubbles as the writing is washed away we can remember that God takes away our worries and forgives us. You can also write using a washable fibre tipped pen on smooth plastic, chalk on a chalkboard or whiteboard pen on a whiteboard (wipe off).

Sorry Bin
Write what you are sorry for on a piece of paper, screw it up and put it in the bin.

Prayer Journal /Book
You can also add some more prayers to your prayer book from last week.

Pipecleaner Intercessions
Make your pipecleaner into the initial of the name of someone or something. Pray for that thing/ person
Screw up the pipecleaner and pray for people who are confused or upset
Link the pipecleaner to someone else’s and pray for people who are lonely
Put the pipecleaner around wrist to remind us that God is always with us.
This activity would also work with a piece of string or wool.

Hand Prayers
Hold each finger of your hand and say a prayer.
Thumb – people closest to us (family/friends)
Index (pointing) finger – people far away
Middle (tallest) finger – important people, people in power
Ring (weakest) finger – poor, weak, sick, hungry, bereaved
Little finger – pray for yourself

Lego Prayer
Last week we used Lego pieces to say thank you prayers. This week you could take a brick and for each of the bumps pray for a different person or place.
You could also have three colours of bricks and for each colour you could say a different type of prayer – sorry, please, thank you.

Prayer Playing Cards
Put a pack of cards face down. Take a card off the pile and pray as follows:
Red number card – ‘thank you’ prayer
Black number card – ‘sorry’ or ‘please’ prayer
King – think of a word to describe God and how great He is
Queen – pray for someone who is female
Jack – pray for someone who is male

There are also some games that you might like to play. They include all three types of prayers, sorry, please and thank you.

31 January

Welcome to Sunday School on the 31st January,

For the next couple of weeks we are going to be focusing on prayer. This week the Archbishops of Canterbury and York invited the Nation to join them in daily prayer, from 1st February, at 6pm with a focus on the many people who have lost their lives to Covid and their families and loved ones. This invite prompted me to think about how we could encourage children to include prayer more in their day.

I thought we would start this week with a focus on ‘Thank you’ prayers. It is very easy at the moment to see things that are not going right and things that make us feel sad. If we look around there are many positive things that we can be thankful for.

I have included some ideas that you might like to use over the next week.

1. Create a Prayer Book / Journal:
If you have a spare note book you could decorate the front cover and use it to write prayers in. You could also use some plain paper to make a book by folding some paper in half or maybe make a zig zag book. In your prayerbook you could either write prayers or write down things you would like to pray for. The prayer book can then be the focus of prayer time together.

2. Thankful Walk
On a walk look around to see things that make you thankful and happy. There are bulbs starting to come through the ground (can you spot any snow drops), the sun might be shining, it might be snowing, are there puddles to jump in or are the puddles frozen so you can crack the ice. Try and remember these things when you get home. You could write or draw a picture of them in your prayer book and say thank you to God for them in your prayers.

3. Praise God Box
You might like to make a ‘Praise God Box’. In the box collect natural objects (wood, shells, stones, leaves, pine cones). Children to hold the objects and reflect on the wonder of creation and praise God for he is wonderful.
It would be an idea to read the story of creation from the Bible or watch it, link below.

For Older Children:

4. Lego Prayer
You will need some Lego or Duplo blocks (or similar). Have a pile of blocks. Use the blocks to build a tower or if you have a Lego board you could make a cross shape. Each time you add a block say thank you for someone or something.

5. Playdough Thank You
If you have playdough at home children could make a model of what they would like to be thankful for and then use this in their prayers.

6. Jigsaw Prayers
Draw around a jigsaw piece / or draw your own. Continue to draw pieces linked together. On the pieces write the names of people we share our lives with and pray for those people.

7. Prayer People
A different way to pray for people close to us is to make a string of paper people, write the names of people close to us on the people and pray for those people. (How to make the people )

8. Thank You Placemats
There is a template attached for a placemat which could be used as a prompt for prayers at meal times.

9. Finger Labyrinths
Older children might like to make a finger labyrinth. There are some suggestions of different ways to make one at the following link.
Or children could draw their own line on some paper to follow. The labyrinth is used during prayer, to follow the line, or it can be used to reflect on a passage from the Bible. Children could think about the passage as they follow the route of the Labyrinth. Older children could think about which passage from the Bible gives them hope and makes them thankful and use this to reflect on.

Reflective Colouring
Children might like to colour a picture and reflect on a Bible verse. There is one picture attached with a verse and a plain cross that children could think of their own verse to reflect on.

I hope you are able to find an activity to help you pray this week.


24 January

Good Morning and welcome to the last part of our theme thinking about Jesus as a baby and child.

When Jesus was 12 years old.

We ended last week with Jesus returning from Egypt with his parents and going to live in Nazareth. We are left to imagine what Jesus did as a child, whether he went to school, or if he had a best friend, all we know is that “he grew strong in body and wise in spirit. And the grace of God was on him.” (Luke ch 2 verse 40).

The next we hear of Jesus is when he was 12 years old and went with his family and other people from Nazareth to Jerusalem for the Feast of Passover, this was a really important celebration for Jesus’ family and friends as it was the time they remembered when their ancestors fled from Egypt to escape from the Pharaoh who treated them as slaves. They all travelled together to and from Jerusalem to keep themselves safe from robbers along the road. They stayed in Jerusalem for a few days and then set off for home again but at the end of the first day of travelling Jesus’ parents realised that Jesus wasn’t with party.

Can you imagine how they felt?

How would you feel if your 12 year old son was missing?

Mary and Joseph were very worried, so off they went back towards Jerusalem wondering, no doubt, whether they would find him injured by the side of the road. They travelled all the way back to Jerusalem and eventually the next day found Jesus sitting in the Temple with the teachers listening to them and asking questions. The questions that Jesus asked and the answers he gave to their questions really impressed the teachers, I’m not sure how impressed Jesus’ parents were at the time.

If you had been his mother what would you have said to Jesus?

As you can imagine Mary was not very pleased and let him know how worried they had been. I don’t think Jesus’ answer really helped the situation, he said “Why were you looking for me? Didn’t you know that I had to be here, dealing with the things of my Father?”

It was another strange bit of information that Mary didn’t understand, another saying that we are told Mary didn’t forget but “held deep within herself.” No doubt if she’d had a baby book she would have added it to what the angels, the wise men and Anna and Simeon had said.

However, Jesus didn’t argue with his parents and went back to Nazareth with them where we are told he lived obediently with them.


Read the story in the Bible in Luke’s Gospel chapter 2 verses 41-52.

Watch it here:

Have you been making a “baby book” for Jesus?

If so what will you add this week? Perhaps a picture of Jesus sitting in the Temple with the teachers or verses from Luke 2 describing what Jesus said and how Mary reacted.

We hope you have enjoyed learning and thinking about Jesus as a child.

17 January

God’s in Control and the angels are busy!

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the snow this week. Have you had time to look at your “baby book” and perhaps start one for Jesus?

Have you been thinking about Jesus as a baby and wondering what happened after he’d been taken by his mum and dad to the Temple?

Well let’s find out.

Some people think that Mary and Joseph stayed in Bethlehem for a while and that Jesus might have been 2 years old by the time the Wise Men arrived, the Bible doesn’t really tell us that but what we do know is that God knew what was happening and He knew that Herod was an evil king who once he heard there might be another king around would stop at nothing to get rid of him. So God got busy and sent His messenger (an angel) to tell the Wise Men not to go back to Herod and tell him where Jesus was living. Fortunately the Wise Men were wise, they were prepared to listen to this angel and to change their plans so, as we know , they went home by a different route.

God then sent an angel ( we don’t know if it was the same one) to Joseph in a dream and told him that Herod wanted to kill Jesus and that he was to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt, so Joseph, getting used to these messages by now, woke Mary up and off they went in the dead of night to Egypt where they stayed until God sent another angel to tell Joseph that Herod was dead and it was now safe for them to return to Israel.

Herod was a very evil man and hated to be disobeyed so when the Wise Men didn’t return he ordered that all the baby boys of two years old and under were to be killed.

That wasn’t the last of Joseph’s visits from an angel, when Joseph realised which of Herod’s sons was ruling in Judea he wasn’t too keen on settling there as Archelaus ( the son’s name) had a violent reputation, so God sent the angel again to tell Joseph to go to Galilee and that’s how Jesus came to live in Nazareth.

You can watch a video of the story on this website.


What will you put in Jesus’ baby book this week?
What would Mary write about having to go to Egypt in the middle of the night?
Would she be scared?
When Joseph told her about the angel’s message would she remember when the angel visited her and how she had known she could trust God ?
How would she feel about coming back to Israel ?

Young people:

Does this story of Jesus and his family fleeing from Herod remind you of the stories we hear and see on TV of people leaving their countries these days and becoming refugees?
Have you met any refugees, have any come to your school? Have you thought about what it would be like to be a refugee ?
Can you see in this account of Jesus’ early days how God was in control and because the Wise Men and Mary and Joseph were prepared to listen to God through the angel’s messages and prepared to change their plans Jesus was saved from Herod’s evil plans?
Are we prepared to listen to God and change our plans if He tells us to? Are we prepared to get to know God so we can trust Him?

A prayer:

Dear God,
Thank you for your purposes and plans,
You are always present and at work, Even when things seem bad or difficult, Help us to trust in that and to trust in you. We love you, God!
Thank you for Jesus
In His name, Amen.

10 January

Baby Days

Hi there everyone, how are you today? What do you think about this latest lockdown? It’s hard having to stay at home again and not be able to see your friends. When you are not doing school work have you any plans to do something different at home that you don’t usually have time to do? I’ve decided that I’m going to sort all my old photographs out, put them in an album and write about who the pictures are of and when they were taken. As I started I found a book called “Baby Days”, it’s a book I was given when my daughter arrived so I could keep a note of who came to see her, what presents she was given, how heavy she was when she was born, when she got her first tooth and other things like that. There is also an invitation like the one we sent to people inviting them to her Baptism. Have your parents got a book like that about you?

I started wondering about Jesus as a baby and what Mary would have put in a book about Jesus if she’d had one. What would she have said about His first visitors, the strange things they said and the different presents they brought. Gold, frankincense and myrrh are not the usual baby presents! The Bible tells us she “pondered these things in her heart”. What about what happened when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple when he was 8 days old. Again strange things were said by Simeon and Anna, both old people who had been waiting to see Jesus for a long time. Watch what happened

Things to do:

Could you start making a baby book for Jesus? A template is attached that you could draw or write in.

Who were His first visitors?

What did they bring?

Why did they come to see Him?

What happened when His parents took Jesus to the Temple?

Read the story as told by Luke in Chapter 2.

We will add to Jesus’ Baby book over the next few weeks.


Happy New Year

It has been a very different Christmas this year but I hope you have been able to celebrate with your family and perhaps start some new traditions.

This week the Church celebrates the Epiphany. It is when we remember the journey of the Magi or Wise Men to see Jesus. There is some more information about Epiphany and how it is celebrated around the world on the CBBC website here

You might remember that last year Lizzie gave us all a piece of chalk to chalk a blessing on our front doors. You might like to do this this year.

Here are a few other ideas that you might like to have a go at linked to Epiphany.

1. Make some star biscuits, gingerbread or shortbread or any other biscuit.

2. Make a crown out of paper or card. You could decorate it with any shiny sweet wrappers you might have.

3. Think about how the Magi brought gifts. You might like to think about having a look for things to give to charity or a food bank.

4. There is a colouring sheet, crossword and wordsearch

5. Older children might like to find out about the gifts that the Magi brought to Jesus.