Sunday 13 December

Welcome to the third part of the Jesse Tree for Advent.

This week we begin with David, a shepherd boy who defeated a giant and went on to become a king, and end with Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist. As in previous weeks there are some suggested activities, a short explanation and a symbol to put on your tree for each day of the week.

There is also a poster detailing all the activities that are happening in the village and at Church over the next few weeks. The Church is open over this weekend for you to add a prayer to the tree or to add a picture to the Community art exhibition. The Christingle service at 4:15pm on Christmas Eve will be live streamed and you will be able to make a Christingle during the service. Every primary school child and nursery child aged 2+ who goes to school/ nursery in the village will receive a Christingle make at home kit. The kits will be delivered to them at school. If you do not have children at the village primary schools or nurseries and would like a kit then you can collect one from the Parish Centre on Saturday 19th December between 10 am and 12pm and from 2pm until 4pm.

Sunday 29 November

Hello Everyone
Today you are going to hear about Noah who trusted God and did exactly as he was asked.  I am sure that the other people thought Noah was odd building a big boat nowhere near water. Listen to the story and see what happens.

Here are some pictures of Noah, his Ark and the animals for you to colour:

Sunday 22 November

Welcome to Sunday School today.

You may have seen on the notice sheet that this year we are having a craft alternative to the travelling crib. If you would like to receive a crib craft set, by post, during December please get in touch with Frances on 07790 681772. The sets do not require you to have any other equipment at home and are not messy. It would be lovely to be able to include as many of our families as possible.

We are nearly at the end of our ‘Giants of Faith’ and this week we are going to be finding out about Elijah.

Elijah was a prophet, he gave messages and warnings from God to the people of Israel. His story can be found in the Old Testament in 1 Kings Chapter 7 – 19. Elijah listened to and trusted God.

You can watch the story of Elijah and the ravens at the following link.

If you want to find out more about Elijah there are 2 further versions of the story.

For older children

Elijah was a very important prophet and was seen with Moses on the mountain top with Jesus during what we call the transfiguration of Jesus. During his lifetime he listened to God, obeyed God and trusted God. He was brave enough to tell Ahab, the king of Israel, and his wife Jezebel that they were wrong in building altars to a god called Baal. He said that he, Elijah, served the one true and living God and because of their wrongdoing there would be no rain for 2 or 3 years. This would mean no crops would grow and eventually there would be a shortage of water. However, Elijah trusted God would provide for him and when God told him to go and hide near the brook of Cherith he had water to drink. Every morning and evening the ravens would come with meat and bread for him to eat. He stayed there until the brook ran dry, God then gave him instructions telling him to go to a place called Zarepath, there he would meet a widow woman. Elijah was to go and see her for bread. When he went he was told that she was gathering firewood to cook her last loaf, she only had enough flour and oil to make one loaf. Elijah told her to make him a loaf and if she did God would ensure she had enough flour and oil to make a loaf a day until the rains came, she did as Elijah asked.

These are just two examples of how Elijah listened to God and trusted him. Can you think of a time when you have trusted God?


Make a paper raven – you can make a raven using a roll of black paper and stick some black wings on.

Make bread – you might like to make some bread. The ravens brought food to Elijah and the widow made bread for him. You might like to try and make you loaves into a bird shape!

God supplies our needs – write down the things that we need which God gives to us.

Elijah Quiz

Wordsearches, crossword and a maze 

If you have a go at any of the activities it would be lovely if you could share what you have done on the St Marys Sunday School Facebook page. We would love to see what you have been doing.

Prayer: Father, we thank you for everything that you have given us and for taking care of us. Help us to trust you even when things seem hard. Amen.

Sunday 15 November

Welcome to Sunday School. This week we are going to be thinking about another female ‘Giant of Faith’, Ruth.

The Story of Ruth

Ruth was a good friend to her Mother in law Naomi. You can listen to the story of Ruth told by children at the following link:

You can download a copy of the story to read:

Being a good friend takes a long time to learn. A good friend is loyal, which means you keep your promises and sometimes when you don’t feel like being a friend you are anyway. Sometimes our friends aren’t perfect and they make mistakes but we make mistakes too, and we don’t want our friends to leave us when that happens.

God gives us friends when we need them, and we should treat them like a gift from God. Just like in the story, Naomi could have insisted the women come with her, but she was unselfish and wanted them to be free to go home to be with their families. Ruth had such a good attitude and wanted to help, she moved away from everyone she knew and went to work to help Naomi. She didn’t tell everyone what a good friend she was, she knew that she should be a friend like God wanted her to be.


Make a friendship bracelet: Use wool or thread or ribbon. Wind or plait the wool together to make a friendship bracelet. Instructions for older children here

Make a basket of barley: Use a paper plate or card and some yellow paper cut into ovals to make a basket of barley like Ruth would have collected. (There is a picture on the braiding instructions)

Hunt the barley: Hide some pieces of yellow paper/ Lego around the house to find, just like Ruth would have searched for the barley in the field.

What is a friend?
What do you like about your friends?
What things do you do that makes you a good friend? (say they’re sorry, share, etc.)
How could you be a better friend?
What does it mean to be loyal?
Why is it hard to be loyal to our friends sometimes?
Would God want us to be loyal to all our friends, even if our friends are telling us to do something wrong?
How do we know who are real friends are? (prayer, talk to our parents, someone who is looking out for our best interest).
What could you do for your friends this week?

Sunday 8 November

Welcome to this week’s Sunday School

Today we’re going to hear a story about a time the Israelites needed help, and it came from a very unlikely person.

The story of Rahab

God rescues those who trust in him

The Story of Rahab and the spies

Even though she wasn’t an Israelite, God welcomed Rahab into His family because of her faith. Not only that, but she was the great- great- great- grandmother of Jesus! God’s plan of salvation wasn’t just for the people of Israel. God loves people from every nation and wants to bring us all close to Him. And just like Rahab, anyone who trusts God and has faith in His Son Jesus is saved because God rescues those who trust in Him.


Play hide and seek

Play I-spy

Hide the red ribbon: Rahab was told to tie a red ribbon to her window so the Israelites would know where she lived. You could hide a red ribbon in your house to find.

Build Jericho: Jericho was a walled city. Use building blocks to build the walls of Jericho.


Have you ever helped someone else?
What did you do for them?
Why did you want to help?
If you were Rahab what would you have done?
Why do you think Rahab protected the spies?
Why didn’t she turn them into the king?

Sunday 1 November

Hello and welcome to this weeks Sunday School,

Esther : The Brave Queen

With the help of God we can be brave.

This week our ‘Giant of Faith’ is Esther. Esther was a Jewish girl who became a Queen in Persia. One of the King’s officials wanted to hurt the Jewish people. God used Esther to help keep the Jewish people safe, she had to be brave. Esther and the Jewish people prayed to God, after praying Esther went to see the King to ask for his help to protect the Jewish people. Esther was very brave as the King did not know she was Jewish.

You can read the story of Esther in some children’s Bibles.

You can also read the story of Esther here

Or you can watch it here:

You might like to have a go at this action song:

From the story of Esther we can learn that when we listen to God we can do great things. God gives us the strength to be brave. Esther’s bravery and courage helped to save the Jewish people.


When I grow up

Think about what you might like to be when you grow up. Think about how some people help others, just as Queen Esther helped the Jewish people.


Use some paper or card to make a crown to be like Queen Esther (or the King). Decorate your crown using coloured pencils, felt tip pens, stickers, shiny paper or whatever you have at home.

Prayer hands

Draw around your hand, think about who or what you would like to pray for and write it on the hand. Use the hand to help you with your prayers this week.

Pretend Banquet

You could have a pretend banquet with play food and teddy bears and dolls or you could use playdough, if you have it, to make pretend food for a banquet.


How did God use Esther to save his people?

What does it mean to be brave?

When have you had to be brave?

How can you be braver? (Talk to your parents and ask God for help)

When have you helped someone else? Was it a difficult thing to do?

For older children – When is it important to be brave and when do we need to ask an adult for help? (Sometimes it is necessary to ask a trusted adult for help with a situation, this can mean being brave too)

Why should we follow God’s instructions?

There are some wordsearches, a crossword and a colouring sheet here:

Sunday 25 October

Daniel is another Giant of Faith. Like Joseph, he found himself working for a king in a foreign country. Daniel was captured as a young man when Jerusalem was besieged, and taken to Babylon. Although he was in a foreign country where people didn’t worship God, Daniel continued to follow his faith, praying to God three times a day and talking about God whenever possible. He was certain that God was looking after him. Daniel worked hard and was liked and trusted by the king, and given more responsibility, but this made others jealous and they plotted against Daniel.

You can watch Annette reading the story of Daniel on our Facebook page

What do you think about Daniel?

Would you be able to stand firm like Daniel?

Do we pray to God every day?

Do we remember that God is always with us, just waiting for us to ask Him to help?


Write some names or situations on pieces of paper, and put them in a jar. Each day, pick one out to use as a prayer, asking God for help or thanking Him.

Make a lion using a cake case. The outer edge is the lion’s mane, just draw a face in the middle.

Take a paper plate and some masking tape and some crayons or paints. Use the masking tape to make a pattern on the plate, then colour over it with your crayons or paints. Then remove the tape. Do you trust that your pattern will still be there?

Make your own Daniel in the lions’ den by going to YouTube How to make a Daniel in the Lions Den.

There is a song about Daniel on YouTube called Dare to be a Daniel.

Here are some pictures to colour and some word searches:

Sunday 18 October

Welcome to Sunday School

This week our ‘Giant of Faith’ is Joseph. You will probably remember him with his amazing coloured coat. Joseph went from being his father’s favourite son, to being a slave and then a ruler. If you want to read the story of Joseph you will find it in the book of Genesis Chapter 37 – 50, you can also find the story in children’s Bibles. If you would prefer to watch the story then follow the link below.

You might like to listen to a well known song about Joseph’s coat

You could make your own coloured coat. Cut out an outline of a coat and then decorate it with lots of different colours – painting, colouring, collage.

If you like you could make some gingerbread men and give them a coloured coat using smarties or icing once they are cool.

Here are some more activities to download:

We hope you enjoy finding out about Joseph and about how he was chosen by God and how he listened to God. Joseph also forgave his brothers for what they had done to him.

Mary D and Frances