PCC Notes – October 2018

The meeting began with some words from Alastair on stepping out in faith.

Matters Arising

It was noted that Peter Collins is now in post as our organist.

Karen has created and distributed a questionnaire to our congregation on what they value about St Mary’s, and to think about their skills and giving.

Alastair has spoken to Nigel about a legacy to repair our windows.

Gordon Dey will lead a Parish Day on Jesus Shaped People on 10th November.


We welcomed Dot and Elaine who are our new safeguarding team. They reported on their work to date on ensuring the correct people have the correct checks and have invited the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer to run a course on
safeguarding on 3rd December from 7.15-9 at the Parish Centre, to which all who volunteer with children, young people or vulnerable adults are strongly advised to attend. Alastair thanked Elaine and Dot for their conscientiousness.

Vicar’s Report

Alastair encouraged us to think of where we are to give our mission giving as a church. We have a budget of £4000 for this. It was felt that projects should reflect our links with local, more regional and international projects.

Response to the Architect’s plans for re-ordering.

We discussed various aspects of Stephen Calvert’s ideas and will continue to do so.

John is liaising with Stephen on costs for the next phase.


With the legacy we received for this work, the PCC are now able to action a report from 2014 on the windows. John will arrange a meeting with J & R Cooke who produced the original report in order to expedite the process.

Deanery Synod

Synod met in Kildwick for a talk on the environment from Jemima Parker and a visit from Otley Christian Resources Hub. The Marriage Preparation course will run across the deanery for all couples marrying in our churches. It will be held at St Margaret’s over 2 dates and run by Lizzie Reynolds.


Sally attended a training event for PCC Secretaries.

The meeting ended with the grace.

PCC Meeting – 12th September 2018

A PCC Meeting was held on Wednesday 12th September 2018

• Architects Stephen Calvert and Laura Kershaw were guests at the meeting and they presented some initial ideas about the development of the Church Building including work on the entrance and the Church lounge.

• Kevin Lawson presented the Treasurers Report for the first half of the financial year. Regular giving has continued to fall resulting in a significant deficit, despite no major outlays. On looking at the accounts there are no obvious areas to make savings in spending, other than reducing the heating in Church over Winter. It was agree that a renewed focus on giving in Church was required.

Any Other Business included:-

• There is a course on Church growth in Knaresborough on the 6th October.

• The Parish Weekend has been postponed. We will have a ‘Jesus Shaped People Day on 10th November with a shared meal in the evening.

Karen Selby &Sally Weatherall

PCC Meeting – 18 July 2018

Notes from the PCC Meeting 18th July 2018

Data Audit: As St Mary’s response to the Data protection legislation that is now in place nationally, there is now a draft policy and the wardens will be contacting people who hold data to create a schedule of where our data is stored, who stores it, and how it is protected. They will formally notify people to let them know that information is held on them by the church and how it is protected.

Parish Centre Work: This is taking longer than expected at the Parish Centre due to unforeseen issues. John is working with the structural engineer, an independent party and the builders to ascertain how the work will progress and who will pay for the new correctly bevelled stones.

Vicar’s Report:
• The celebrations for the 175th Anniversary at the ceilidh, the service and the BBQ were well attended and enjoyed by those who came. Bishop Nick and his wife Linda had felt welcomed and enjoyed their time with us, and we in turn had appreciated his sermon. Bishop Toby also joined us for the BBQ which was a gesture of support and affirmation for our church and for Alastair.
• Peter Collins came with his wife, met some of the PCC and attended Sunday services to help discern whether he would like to take the position of Director of Music. He has written to say he would like to accept the position. We look forward to working with Peter and welcoming him to our church.
• Rev has grown steadily from 3 to 15 children and has moved to Salem church hall. Lizzie has agreed to take up the role of coordinating REV for the Autumn term, after which there will be a review.

Festival Week: Karen and Lizzie had met to discuss how we will join in with the village festival and Karen shared the plans for Messy Church does Science, Singalonga Sound of Music and an Exhibition in the church of our history. Val explained about the need for a special license and the PCC agreed to cover this. PCC members were invited to sign up to a rota for curating the exhibition.

PCC Tonight Course: We looked together at what it is the PCC is for. We also saw an example of a more focused/dynamic agenda that would benefit our meetings.

The meeting ended with the grace.

Lizzie Reynolds

PCC Notes – 19 June 2018

Notes from the PCC Meeting, 19th June 2018

The meeting began with some thoughts from Alastair on 2 Corinthians which we have been following in our services, focusing on the idea of bringing God’s realm into our world.

Vicar’s Report

Alastair reported that there had been two applications for the position of Musical Director.

The latest Deanery Synod was held in St. Mary’s Parish Centre. Speaker Richard Noake explained the new SIAMS material which had been sent to church schools.

Sally has a date to go on a training day for PCC secretaries.

We are looking forward to a busy weekend for our 175th Birthday Celebrations.

PCC Tonight Course

In March and May this year, a substantial number of the PCC attended the CPAS PCC Tonight course. We spent time discussing the benefits of this, and how we might in future run our meetings and use our time. Alastair led us through the first of the six suggested CPAS training/reflection sessions entitled ‘What is the church for?’.


Val has created a statement of needs for our appointed architect and circulated it to a small group for comments. It will now go to the architect who will produce some initial ideas/sketches. This will be shown to the small group in July and to the PCC on 13th September for comment. Val stressed that this is the very beginning of the process and nothing at this stage is set in stone, but open to change and comment.

Treasurer’s Report

Kevin and Alastair had met earlier in the week to discuss a more strategic way of looking at our finances and presenting our accounts. The next accounts will cover the 6 months until the end of June.


Richard and Val discussed an audit of our data retention.

Rev Youth Group

Rev now meets in Salem hall and numbers in the first two sessions has grown slowly. The new location is better suited to the needs of the group than the centre and allows for more obvious ecumenical teamwork. Response from those who have come along so far has been positive.

Parish Centre

Karen reported that the builders will begin repair work on 25th June. All activities can be moved upstairs and evenings will not be affected other than there will not be access to the garden. Emma Cobb-Webb was thanked for all organising this. Martin Russell has taken on the role of looking at funding the work of the centre. Becky reported that they had received a £1000 donation from Ilkley and District Round Table towards the work of Cuppa Cake and Company. The Tablers were impressed by the project and delighted to offer funds.

2nd September will be the leaving service for Francis.
Janet drew our attention to the Burley Tereli Friendship Trust’s evening on 26th June, 7 for 7.30.
Joyce and Margaret have produced welcome cards for the pews at our 175th anniversary service.
Alastair will be meeting the 4 people who went to the ‘Together in Faith’ event, to chat through their experience. So far, feedback has been positive.

The meeting ended with the Grace.
Dates for further meetings: 10th July; 13th Sept (NB Thursday – with architect); 9th Oct; 13th Nov

Lizzie Reynolds

PCC Notes – 13 March 2018

Alastair shared thoughts on Christ dwelling within us and encouraged us to seek God’s will for the church. Duncan Watts and Sarah Lewthwaite have resigned from the PCC. Vacancies will be advertised and those wishing to stand are welcome to contact Alastair.

The parish weekend will now be held on 12th–14th October 2018. The Men’s Group which has been meeting at Garibaldi’s was successful, with 11 to 18 attendees. Sara Kirk has organised a Women’s Day, on 19th May. Over 80 people have been to the Ecumenical House Groups, across the local congregations, and these groups have been very well received. 

On Maundy Thursday there will be a meal in the Parish Centre, followed by an act of worship in the church. On Friday, Gareth will lead an ecumenical procession with the cross, with activities in each church in the village. 

Kevin proposed and Mick seconded the Treasurer’s Report. Val proposed and Sally seconded the Fabric Report. Val and John have begun to create an inventory for the Terrier report. After negotiation, the bill submitted by Richard Cooks is to be paid. 

The Diocese is keen to have more lay members to take leadership roles, in a climate of declining clergy numbers nationally. To this end there will be a conference in Harrogate with inspiring speakers. Up to 5 congregation members could attend. The ideal candidates have potential for long-term church leadership, are interested in relating faith to day-to-day life and are already engaged in church-based ministry. Alastair asked for volunteers, or ideas of congregation members we sense might have a calling to this ministry, before 23rd April. 

Lizzie has booked the Queens Hall for our 175th Anniversary celebration and volunteers are needed to help with various tasks. We discussed ways in which to engage the congregation and the wider village in the celebrations, including opening the church during festival week, with displays from village members and the schools illustrating their connections with St Mary’s. The PCC agreed to get an estimate for cleaning the church before the Bishop’s visit.

There has not been a Deanery Synod since the last PCC meeting and there was no correspondence to report.

 We are awaiting confirmation of a three week period during which the work needed at the Parish Centre can be done. Cuppa Cake received a £500 donation from the Parish Council. 

Linda has attended a digital communications training session. She encouraged us to look at the church website and feed back to her with any suggestions. We discussed the importance of welcoming newcomers to all church events.

Details of the next meeting: APCM 22nd April. 6:00pm at St Mary’s
Catherine Killan


PCC Notes

The PCC meeting was held on Wednesday 7th February 2018

Since the last meeting Elaine Marsden and Dot Armitage have been liaising with Keith regarding taking on the safeguarding role, which he will keep fulfilling until the ACPM.

Vivian and Alice are now running the choir and some new girls have joined.

Lizzie and Alastair met with the director of music for Bradford Cathedral to discuss recruitment. We may have some joint choir events, within services and socially.

Burley and Woodhead CE Primary School passed their SIAMS inspection and have been re-categorised as “Good” rather than “Outstanding”, largely due to more stringent criteria.

The ecumenical services were a great success and very enjoyable. We are looking forward to the ecumenical Lent groups.

The accounts for the year ending 31st December 2017 were circulated. It was decided to specify which incomes were restricted and unrestricted in the APCM report. Karen asked if a hospitality fund could be added to the budget.

There will be a Parish weekend away in the autumn. Alastair has asked Roger Simpson to come. He is the Archbishop of York’s advisor on evangelism. He is planning to speak at the weekend, and then revisit to lead a mission here during 2019. There will be special events around the village. More details to follow.

Other future events include a women’s away day on 19th May and a village ceilidh on 23rd of June.

The youth groups “Fun on Fridays” (URC), “Cyber Cafe” (Methodist) and “Rev” (CofE) are to become ecumenically run, with each group being shared by each congregation. Volunteers will be able to contribute to any group regardless of their denomination and eventually this group will be overseen by an ecumenical youth worker.

The light above the church main door is to be adjusted so the light sensor is less sensitive. The cupboard is completed. The Terrier inspection will take place this week. The church now has an accident book and the first aid box has been replenished. Janet asked if the figurine which was gifted from Zachary in Tereli could be displayed somewhere in the building, as equivalent ones are in the other village churches.

The Diocesan disability advisor spoke at Deanery Synod and gave some information packs, including one that will help us do an audit of St Mary’s.

All Saints may soon advertise for a new priest. The next Deanery Synod will be at the Parish Centre here in Burley on 4th June.

We are hoping for the building work to be done during the last two weeks of July, working flexibly around groups using the centre.

Richard gave a presentation on changes in data protection law. He outlined several important aspects including:

1. The need to audit what data we hold on our parishioners, i.e. what we have, how secure it is, how it is stored.
2. The need to publish a privacy notice outlining how we use any data we hold.
3. The need to establish whether we have consent from parishioners for the manner in which we use their contact details and obtain this consent where needed.
4. That individuals now need to opt in to receiving contact rather than opt out.
5. The need to make sure that blind copies are used on emails to ensure privacy.
6. Data regarding religious beliefs is considered sensitive and must be handled according to the appropriate regulation.

Richard has kindly offered to address these issues for the parish, and praised the information pack produced by the Church of England. We need to comply by 25th May.

Alastair has suggested we could provide funds for a projector for the Manningham congregation. He asked if we could promote this appeal on the notice sheets and ask the congregation to help with this. Karen suggested a donation basket and Lizzie suggested giving from the Easter collection.

Details of the next meetings: Tuesday 13th March. APCM 22nd April.

Catherine Killan

PCC Notes – 9 January 2018

There was a meeting of the PCC held on 9th January.

Vicar’s Report

1) Community Lunch – this took place before Christmas with over 30 people attending. It was organised ecumenically and proved to be a huge success with some people that attending now attending other events in the village.
2) Christmas services – 9 lessons and carols had over 250 attending and Christmas eve and day services had over 1200 including 900 over the 2 Christingle services. There was good feedback on the Christingle service.
3) Choir – Francis will not be doing choir practice from this week due to working in York. Vivian Wrigglesworth and her daughter Alice are to run choir practice.
4) Governors – The PCC need to formally ratify the foundation governors at the school (Mark Selby and Mary Brooks) They were proposed by Alastair seconded by Fiona and agreed by all.

175th Celebrations and Reordering

The bishop will be in church on June 24th to celebrate 175 years of the church building. There will be a 10am service followed by celebrations.

Leading a Church into Growth Course

Gareth reported that a new Men’s Group would be starting on 22nd January at Garibaldi’s Bar 8pm – 9.30pm. This would be a discussion group.

Youth Work

An Ecumenical plan is being discussed and details being finalised so will be brought to next month’s PCC

Deanery Synod

There has been no Deanery Synod meeting, but some members attended a forum in Bradford which highlighted
projects where churches had been working together. The next synod meeting is on 6th February which will be attended by Fiona Hill and focus on disability

Any Other Business

Comments were made on the lights around the church looking good and that the 10am service last Sunday was so well attended.

Susan requested some more welcome cards to give to newcomers to the village/church.

Karen Selby