Western Nepal Disability Trust

Despite the challenges of the last year, we have some encouragements to be able to share with you. Firstly thank you to our supporters, many of you from within the community of Burley, for your contributions in a variety of ways – praying, volunteering, financial donations, and moral support and interest.

Last year we made a donation to a small organisation called Light of Pokhara, which is run by friends and former colleagues. This was to fund a vocational training in sewing/tailoring for disabled people and/or their carers. Due to covid, this was delayed, but has been able to start in February 2021. There was a ‘typical Nepali opening ceremony’ with a banner (which includes the WNDT logo on it!), a local government person making a speech, people on the committee listening (having been welcomed to the event and given special scarves as a sign of respect), some lovely flowers on a table, and a sewing machine to indicate what it is really about…… we look forward to hearing how it is progressing…..

In contrast to the newer project above, we have continued our longer term support of the palliative care project, which is moving to an exciting new phase.

There is a neww Palliative Care centre, and we are committed to give
funding towards the running and staffing of the centre now and in the future. It is really special to see this building operational as we had seen the plans on paper when we visited Nepal in summer 2019.

In relative terms, Nepal has experienced covid with about 3000 deaths and 274,000 cases. This is likely to be under reported – but even so is remarkably low given the underlying poor health and economic status of many of the population. The pandemic has meant there is a growing need for treatment of long covid, and services based in the new centre will provide care for people with long term heath conditions, as well as the palliative care.

Due the pandemic restrictions continuing for some time, our usual WNDT fundraising events are ‘on hold’ – so another sponsored event is being planned. This will involve the WNDT Chair taking part in a ‘virtual challenge’ which is the equivalent of walking to Everest Base Camp and then to the top, a distance of 64km(40 miles). This is likely to start in May, and details of how to sponsor / be involved will be shared nearer the time, including how you can join in on a ‘trekking walk’ if you would like to do so. Despite the challenges, we can be really encouraged by the sewing training taking place now, and the developments of the palliative care service.

Thank you to our supporters for making this happen.

Jane Schofield Gurung, for WNDT Trustees