Burley Co-op Support for Parish Centre

Saturday, 23 November saw three members from St Mary’s Parish Centre attend the local Co-op to celebrate the Co-op’s support for the centre through its Local Community Support Scheme. Under this scheme the local area has benefitted, in this last year, by grants totalling £8,895.95.

From this amount the Parish Centre’s Cuppa Cake and Company (CCC) project benefitted through grants totalling £2,950. As representatives of the Burley CCC project, Becky Berry, Joyce Russell and Beverley Carey received notice of the total grant from local Co-op manager, Mark Swift. Becky Berry is founder and organiser of the project, and Joyce Russell is a volunteer helper at the Centre.

The CCC project arranges to bring older people together once a month at the Parish Centre with transport support. The aim of the project, created 3 years ago by Becky, is to tackle the social isolation of older people by creating opportunities for their greater community involvement.

Encouraging older people to come together to share an afternoon of social interaction, friendship, and activity, creates the opportunity for them to meet other members of the local community. Friendships are fostered, networks are built outside the project, and individual skills and interests are shared. In addition, this creates an increased sense of value and confidence within individuals. It therefore has a positive impact on the health and well-being of participants.

The centre is very grateful for the much-valued support provided through the Co-op scheme and in particular a big thank you to Mark Swift for his interest and support.

Martin Russell