Auction of Promises

An enjoyable evening was had by all who attended the “Auction of Promises” at the Flying Duck Inn on Friday 20th September and, at this point, I would like to thank Mark and Karen Selby for hosting the event without making any charge for the location. We had 35 lots to be auctioned and were amazed by the range of imaginative Promises offered by members of our congregation to raise funds to re-paint the interior of our Church, once the repair to the eastern stained-glass window has been completed.

In addition to bids being placed by villagers unable to attend, 30 parishioners and their friends attended this evening of fun and, under the coaxing of our auctioneer, David Chary, every Promise was taken up at values which far exceeded our expectations. After the auction, everyone enjoyed a pie and pea supper.

Thank you to all who gave so generously to achieve the sum of £3,412.50 towards the cost of our project.

In conclusion I would like to give special thanks to David for his wizardry and to Karen who gave me so much help to make this event possible.

Duncan Watts