Any ol’ coins, Any ol’ watches, any, any any ol’ gadgets?

Any ol’ coins, Any ol’ watches, any, any any ol’ gadgets? Have YOU got any old coins, watches, gadgetry etc. for Re-Cycling ?

Last month, I was able to send off a sackful (around 13 kilogrammes in weight) to Recycling for Good Causes. The possibility of moving on a range of stuff, that accumulates in many of our homes, had come to my notice through Traidcraft, an organisation that benefits and encourages many small time ‘growers’ and ‘producers’ in a wide variety of Asian and African countries.

Having sent them a long out-of-date banknote, they informed me of all manner of recycling possibilities, not least the offer of a ‘sack’ which, free of charge, is collected so long as the weight tops 10 kilogrammes ! Traidcraft is linked to the organisation ‘Recycling for Good Causes’, with whom apparently many other charitable organisations are also linked. As my nominated ‘good cause’, Traidcraft will receive 75% of any money raised by what is sent to Recycling for Good Causes.

So here is what can be usefully ‘recycled’ by this particular set-up. I know some of you will have seen this list in the pew sheet at Church, but there will be other readers for whom this will all be news.

Jewellery, watches, banknotes and coins (of any age and of any country including UK), mobile phones, cameras (all sorts, film, digital, video), Sat Navs, games consoles, MP3 players, Ipods, Tablets; but not, please, computers, desk or laptop (this a recent no-no!).

Stamp and picture postcard collections will also be accepted, but I know there are other organisations who will be glad of those stamps.

Many of us have some of these items, perhaps broken or out of use for years, and put out of sight in some drawer or box. If you would like to bid farewell to this redundant gear, here is your opportunity, and it will raise some money for a good cause. You could put things in the binstore at our house (12, Ron Lawton Crescent), or perhaps leave at the Parish Centre, maybe, if relatively small, posting it through the letter-box. Or you are welcome to ask a question for clarification! (865261). Thank you, by the way, to any readers of this who have already produced more than enough for the first sack! I look forward to the dispatch of at least one more!

Chris Hayward