An Update from WNDT (Western Nepal Disability Trust)

It is now ten years since WNDT was registered as a charity, and as we look back on that time we thank everyone who has supported our work in any way.

So far, we have donated an incredible £75,852 to support a variety of disability projects and activities. We have helped four community based projects, including one working in a very remote area, and one set up specifically after the earthquakes in 2015. We have contributed towards new homes for two families of disabled people. We have helped other disabled people to get the equipment and medical care that they need, and to be part of self-help groups within their own communities. We have also helped to develop a palliative care project that gives direct care, trains staff and community members, and has contributed to the development of a national palliative care strategy.

To raise this money we have had the support of individual donors who have made regular, or intermittent donations. We have also had donations from organisations, including St Mary’s via the PCC; the Shanti Trust; the Ewards-Skinner Trust; 1st Burley Brownies; 2nd Burley Guides; the Murray-Watkins trust; the Seedfield trust; the ‘Tea Talk’ group; The Burley 050 Group; Wright Theatre Arts Dance Academy; The Hockney Group; the Burley Summer Festival Committee; and the Ben Rhydding Summer Fete committee. We have also raised funds and met many people with our Fairtrade Craft stall, which has appeared throughout the years at different local school and village events as well as in people’s homes and an ‘open garden’. We have also had a Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer to help with our activities.

We now have an annual curry night hosted by the Moghul restaurant. We have been given donations on the occasions of a wedding, two funerals, and a 50th birthday ceilidh. We have been supported by a whole range of events such as a sponsored 10K run, coffee mornings, a family canoe trip, a Christmas Hamper raffle, Burley Summer festival walks, and a concert by the St Mary’s Singers.

As we are a registered charity we can claim Gift Aid on donations, which also means we have more to donate to our Nepal Projects.

So, overall we give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has made any contribution to our work in any way – praying, giving, supporting events, and encouraging. We have helped many people in many ways, and have achieved this with a willingness to share what we have and work together for others, in gratitude for all that God has given us.

Jane Schofield Gurung, For WNDT Trustees.